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I thought you would want to know about a new resource I’ve just discovered…

It’s called by Ryan Lee and he claims whether you want to lose weight or you’re an athlete who wants to take your game to the next level, he has the solution for you.

Every workout in the network was created by a fitness expert. There are no computerized programs created by a geeky IT department, our workouts are battle-tested, easy to follow and ready for you.

But there was something missing from’s 43 different workout websites. Something that wasn’t quite there.

Find out if really does what the “gurus” are telling you… before you order. You will joyful you heard me out…

==> NO LINK: Read the Update Below.

UPDATE: could have been a decent resource but tride and true for most Internet Marketers, they are in it for ONE thing.  You guessed it… $$$$  And the more the better.  Once again, a resource crops up, charges fees for sub-par sloppy, quick to market info.

Quickly created by a outsourced team, hyped up and marketed to affiliates with promises of Quit your Day Job and Make Millions Working from Home!

Then it’s off to the next project while this one is left getting no love for those who purchased it.  Typical.  And I’m deeply sorry for recommending it to a few, including myself that purchased a 1 year subsciption! gets the 1st Foots to Nuts Nomination for 2009.


Marc C. David
The NoBull Muscle Guy

Tags: foot to nuts

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  • health watch center
    HI Marc,

    Very useful and informative blog on fitness .......thank you for sharing i am new to fitness blogging and wanted to say hi and start my journey....

    Health Watch Center.

    Fitness Health Zone
  • zack
    absolute scam, dont waste your money. I was a member they didnt improve the site in the six months i was a member after frequent request they still didnt improve the site,they didnt even respond. The workouts are not sports specific, they are a basic weights program which i wouldnt waste my money on. All the workouts are the same. I asked for a refund and they refused to give it. They false advertise saying they have 43 different workouts, not true. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM. ** CAUTION SCAM ** CAUTION SCAM **
  • z
    I agree. I was one of 1st 100 to join to received all the free bonus... If it wasn't for the Free E-book, I would have been pissed.

    The workout are baldly animated exercise cartoon. There is no explanation on where you need to do those work just bunch of list.

    Every sport has the same type of workout.

    I am very disappointed. The forum is full of spam... no one is monitoring. What could have been a great site is now a joke
  • Marc David
    Thanks for the updates. I've updated my post and removed the link as I agree with the comments below.
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