What steps do you take as an older lifter?

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What steps do you take as an older lifter? Is possible to gain muscles at the age of 45 or even older? Are there special things I need to do or exercises? Maybe a training program for us older weight lifters?


I often get asked if there's a real different in training between somebody who's younger (30) and somebody who's older (50+). A few of my fitness colleagues believe there's different routines for older people.

Jim Flanagan said it best when being interviewed by Dr. Darden.

"Today, I train just as hard, but not as frequent. I allow for more recovery..."

That's the real difference. RECOVERY. In fact, you might argue that if you are older, you have to train harder in order to keep those gains coming. Just the other day, I witnessed a 65 year old man do full squats at 385 lbs!

My personal best is 355 lbs and he's beating me by 30 pounds and he's 30 years older.

Either I'm a wimp (maybe) or he just wants it bad. Don't let age be a factor in anything you do. And don't get suckered into training program for older people.

Scott "Old Navy" Hults didn't even start bodybuilding until age 59 if I recall. He's won several big name competitions in the Master Pro Bodybuilder category. He trains just as hard as any younger guy. Maybe harder. Most of his training partners are guys who are half his age.

Check Scott out at: http://www.bodybuildingsenior.com

Then see for yourself that you can build muscle at any age.

Train hard and expect success,
Marc David
"The NoBull Muscle Guy"

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