What Jeff Anderson can teach you about Halloween candy


“Who really wants to be the Scrooge who ruins the holiday for kids by handing out nutritionally smart treats?” - Clark Howard

I’ve always been impressed with those who could turn down Halloween candy. It never came easy to me and I have marveled any times when others seem to say ‘no thanks’ so effortlessly. Then, I figured out their secret…

For starters, it seems like this is the beginning of the season when every fitness personality, myself included, starts to give you all sorts of advice about the holiday season. Motivation
tips, ways to avoid overeating, secret cardio tricks or tells you flat out…

The SECRET to avoiding the candy rush is simply to say “no.”

Frankly, that’s fine for somebody who doesn’t drink, always thinks about bodybuilding, eats plain chicken day after day and is Mr/Ms. Fit but for the rest of us…

We need some REAL solutions and within reason.

On October 31, 2007 in the United States, it will be Halloween and I for one will have some candy!

::: The Secrets to Halloween Candy :::

1. Just Say No

How unrealistic is this but I had to start with it. Just say no. Pass it up. If you can that’s the best solution.

2. Time the Candy

Halloween candy usually starts a day or two before the actual event, you go shopping for it or you go last minute and grab some bags depending on the neighborhood. Your best bet for these few days is to NEVER skip a meal. The more full you can get, the less desire you’ll have to fill up on sugar. If you need your candy, then make it a desert, and AFTER the meal treat and not before. This ensures you’ll be full before you start to eat any and you are not as likely to ruin a meal by indulging in candy before hand.

3. Purchase “Healthy Alternatives”

A recent Los Angeles Times article reported a growing trend in healthy Halloween candy. Some items like little pretzel snacks, Teddy Grahams and even packets of carrots are making an appearance. But first a warning…

If you go this route, I’ve been told by local teenagers that your house will be avoided as word of mouth news makes the round or worse yet, people might egg your house. A little harsh I’d say.

4. Buy the Kind You Hate

This came as a tip from my own wife. Our son was off to a Friday night local party and she bought a bag of Skittles. She didn’t like Skittles so there was no temptation for her to eat
them while they sat in the garage. If you have a lot of kids in the neighborhood and you want to hand out candy, purchase the kind you don’t like. It’s less likely you’ll want to overeat candy you hate.

5. Be Picky

Most likely you’ll have many options for a wide variety of candy. Especially if you are at a Halloween party. In this case, be picky. Only eat what you like and keep the intake
within reason.

6. Avoid Excessive Alcohol

Why? Now I’m saying you can’t have a glass of wine or a beer? Nope not at all. But excessive alcohol will lead to reduced will-power. And with quick snacks about, you are more likely to make poor choices. You’ll spike your blood sugar which will lead to increased hunger and more poor choices. It’s like a vicious circle. Keep one or the other in check. It’s deadly to do both.

Here’s my favorite little known and never discussed secret about simple sugars… This little gem came from an interview I did with [tag-tec]Jeff Anderson[/tag-tec].

7. The Absolute Best Time to Eat Candy

Is there really such a time? Because today alone I’ve received several newsletters telling me that going to the gym before or after isn’t the way to go. Those guys are wrong because they are WAY to professional to tell you the alternatives. Not to mention, they feel obligated to always be the role model. Anyway, I’m a real person with real needs and I slip up. They don’t.. but I do so I know what it’s like.

AFTER an intense weight workout what does everybody recommend?

Simple carbs! They do this because your muscles have been depleted of glycogen and need simple sugars to get your short term energy reserves back to normal.

Now I’m not saying to eat the bag or grab a handful of candy but I am saying…

1- Weight Training
2- Get your protein
3- Eat your candy

Marc’s Guilty Comment: Look, I want to be professional to, so I will be honest and say I’m not telling you to eat candy as a good post-workout alternative. I’m just saying that IF you need to eat candy on Halloween, you can offset some of the ‘bad’ things if you hit the gym first and use your candy carvings as a simple sugar carb replacement taking into account for the additional calories.

Weight training, not cardio, is what you want because with cardio, you’ll just burn fat. You want to burn out your short term energy stores in order for this “have your cake and eat it too” trick to work.

That tip is going to be me some hate mail but you know what? I know living a healthy lifestyle is hard. Making choices about food every single day is annoying. Everybody is giving you the golden tips and for many, they work. But those are the people who are so determined it simply doesn’t much matter.

For the rest of us who do quite well but occasionally slip up, nobody is catering to us except my friend Jeff Anderson.

Jeff Anderson, better known as the [tag-tec]Muscle Nerd[/tag-tec], gave me that tip in an interview I did with him. And you can listen to the whole thing, that tip and a heck of lot more. Listen on the computer or download the MP3 file and listen later.

So no matter what Halloween, Thanksgiving, or even the earliest of Christmas parties throws at you, the Optimum Anabolics workouts will help put those calories in the right place. You’ll build muscle and burn fat.

Click here to get the interview I did with Jeff Anderson

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