Weight Loss Secrets for Real People

Mike Mahony “The Fat Burning Machine” interviews Marc David “The NoBull Muscle Guy”
about training, nutrition and program evaluation.

Mike Mahony knows exactly what’s it’s like to be overweight and start a mission to burn fat. He’s called “The Fat Burning Machine” and is part of the Adam Waters “Real-Time Physique” shredders group. A group of dedicated individuals that are determined to transform their bodies.

This interview covers:

* Can you really expect the same gains year after year like a beginner?

* Marc’s thoughts on pre-fabricated workouts.

* When should you cut and when should you bulk?

* Tips on how to increase your bench press.

* Why separating your cardio from your weights might be just what you need to burn more fat.

* What supplements work and how you can keep your budget to $30 or less and make fantastic progress.

If you want to know how to burn more fat, lose weight or begin a body transformation, you’ll want to listen to this call.
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