Carb Back Loading Explained

If you are looking for the definition of carbohydrate backloading,  then watch Carb Back Loading explained by Ben Pakulski.  As much as I wanted to do my own video, Ben did such a great job, I didn’t want to add to the clutter of useless videos on the subject from people who’s only objective is to sell you a book.

Imagine that.. videos and blog reviews from people who want to make the affiliate commission off a product they’ve never personally tried.  I made mention in a previous post about my intention to try out Carb Backloading and I’m glad I did.  But first…

Watch Carb Back Loading Explained

Thanks Ben Pakulski for the simple explanation.

In a nutshell, Carb Backloading is…

  • Shift calories to later in the day
  • Eating lighter in the morning and early afternoon, and
  • Feast at night
  • This may include skipping breakfast

Additional Resources:

  • Carb Backloading Book Review: I bought the book (wasn’t given to me) and went thru the program step by step.  I documented my before and after results.  This is by far the most comprehensive review of the Carb Backloading.  My video is included which is a slideshow presentation of the overview of the program in much more detail.
  • Carb Backloading for Cheapskates: Just a quick post for those who are too lazy or too cheap to shell out a few bucks for an eye-opening program.  It will give you enough of the basics that anybody with experience could duplicate the results without having to go thru the book.  A mistake in my opinion but think of this as the cliff notes version.
  • Carb Backloading Meal Plan: Everybody wants to know what I ate at what times. I put together a summary of the typical meals I would have while carb backloading.  Lots of protein, vegetables during the day, train and then game on!
  • Carb Backloading FAQ: I gathered up the most common questions from forums, comments and emails and put them together in this jam packed FAQ.  The book probably answers them all but a lot of times it was a sentence there and a sentence here.  Keifer jumped all over and it was easy to miss some critical points. This FAQ should answer most of your questions.  If not, ask away!
  • Carb Backloading Results: Here is where I documented my carb backloading before and after photos.  I included my blood work and hydrostatic body fat testing.  It’s not professional and I didn’t intend it to be.  This is photos taken at home, no tan, without professional lighting to give you the most realistic impression possible.
  • Carb Backloading Fights Cavities:  Probably the most controversial post on the subject.  How could eating like this, the timing of your carbs, actually help prevent dental decay?  Read my observations and insights I gathered at a nutritional conference.  I received my best ever dental report during my 6 months of carb backloading.
  • Why Carb Backloading Doesn’t Work For You:  In my opinion the people who fail on this protocol didn’t read the book or followed it half-assed because they were scared to break their precious traditional bodybuilding diet.  Even if you eat as clean as possible (which you probably should) but follow the timing of this and use the high glycemic foods, you are almost guaranteed success.  Watch out for these classic mistakes that might make your results less than stellar.

Of all the bodybuilding nutrition programs I’ve followed, this was by far the most fun and easiest to fit into a lifestyle.  While it is controversial, you can make it a very clean eating program and just time your carbohydrates around your training.  I had fun because it allowed me to do things most plans would not but you can eat healthy and stick to the plan. It is not a diet, just a method of timing nutrition.

Any questions not answered in the video or the FAQ, feel free to comment or drop me an email.

Be Fit, Stay Strong!

Marc David – CPT

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