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Thank You

Thank you Alan.

You know…. it wasn’t a crazy fitness article that prompted me to really discuss the meal frequency topic you commented on.  It was a slew of e-mails from “fitness professionals” in my own industry that are very well versed in using the word as a sword.  They know how to write, to stir up controversy and sell.  I can’t possibly pay attention to all the B.S. that goes on but this one got my goat if you will.  It wasn’t just twisting the truth it was flat out pure unadulterated bullshit and being the NoBull guy, I had enough.

Normally I pay little attention to these 3rd tier bloggers.  They waste my time with their “special hand position” for 456% more muscle growth and other useless advice.  But I get it.  In order to keep selling, you’ve got to take old school concepts, twist them up and make them new.

My #1 goal has always been to Teach You How to Learn.  Not tell you what to do and bait you into the next big thing.  I want you to comprehend on your own, have resources and then explore and develop your own fitness plans based on fundamentals.  To ask questions, to debate and when you decide on what to do.  Ultimately, the quest to get fit can be done is many ways and it should be your choice.

I’m not here to tell you what to do. 

I’m here to help, give pointers, to mention resources and push you out of the nest.

And more importantly, don’t believe everything you read.  Do some research first.  You may be surprised at what you uncover.

Marc David – CPT
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of NoBull Bodybuilding

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