Tracking your pogress in three easy steps

If you’ve listened to any of my podcasts before, then you know that if you aren’t tracking your diet, you are wasting your time. And frankly that’s a big part of the game. But progress isn’t just about your diet. It’s a little more.

Your progress should be tracked by:

  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Measurements

Tracking Your Nutrition:

You already should know that diet tracking doesn’t get any simplier then going to and entering your foods. You’ll get nice looking graphs and calorie counts for a quick diagnose of how close you are to a particular goal.

Track Your Training:

Head on over to and sign up. It’s a free resource. You can track your training and measurements in one simple place. You really don’t know if you are making progress workout to workout if you aren’t writing it down. This service gives you an easy way to graphically see how you are doing on a daily and weekly basis.

Track Your Measurements:

Don’t bother with one of those fat scales. They are inaccurate and there’s too many variables that can cause invalid read-outs. Simply grab a fabric tape measure or a cheap myo-tape at and take some simple measurements in key areas. You can also pick up a fat caliper too and do a nice, one spot pinch test in the privacy of your own home. Visually inspecting via the mirror or weekly photos is recommended. Do these type of measurements on a weekly basis. There’s a lot of daily things that can cause different readings. So take them weekly using the same scale, same day and roughly the same time of day.

Progress tracking isn’t just about diet. It’s about nutrition, training and the way you look.

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