Tom Venuto gets hardcore in

Tom hasn’t made this site public. (at least not at the time of this post)

But he did show me and I was able to manuver around it. Looks like he’s got things working and his gym buds are posting comments already.

Tom Venuto’s Hardcore Blog

Now why do I say it’s hardcore?

Well BFFM is pretty much a damn good nutrition book for everybody right? And Fitren and his newsletter is overall very good for all of us.

But sometimes (especially after reading Old Navy’s Writing Contest) you guys and gals want…


Bodybuilding Secrets Blog

Is unlike anything I’ve seen Tom post or write about.

I’ve found his diet… some of his workouts and G*Damn if it’s not a routine even I would run from.

I respect Tom. Anybody who knows me on DB knows that. So be it.

But holy crap man. This is a side of him I didn’t know existed.

But it makes sense considering he has won many middle weight shows back in the 90′s.

Apparently he’s pretty serious about making some kind of comeback in 100 days.

Although he gets made if you call it a comeback.

Tommy-V’s Hardcore Blog: Ain’t the Regular Tom Venuto We Know

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