To tone or not to tone. That is my question.

Question: I have heard people talk about toning and tightening their bodies, and I think thats what I need to do, but I’m not sure how?

I do alot of cardio, and as a result have lost alot of weight, unfortunately alot of that was muscle as well. I’m not that bothered to be honest, because I am aiming for the small and wiry look anyway.

I still do 3 days of weight training a week though, although thats really to try and retain my muscle rather than build up anything substantial.
basically my arms and legs are quite small, but very firm, which suits me fine.

It is my body/ trunk / torso (the main bulk of my body) that is the problem.

From losing alot of weight I have alot of loose skin, pretty much my entire front.

I really want to tighten this up.

Answer: There’s no toning exercises or routines. You basically build muscle and then lose the fat surrounding it to show it off. Your question really needs to be… how to I lose this fat around my muscles so that I can show it off.

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