The Truth About Lifetime Fat Loss Advice

Not a single day goes by that somebody can’t wait to tell me about their weight loss advice. Or a diet they read about. Maybe what I think about such and such a book by this and that author. Even subscribing to news stories, weight loss continues to be a multi-billion dollar industry with articles every day, pills, powders, supplements and a new book of the month.

Being in the fitness industry I’ve heard about every diet, food combination, and dietary supplement from clients and friends.

The following really sums up in about one sentence the one thing that nobody wants to hear when it comes to permanent weight loss.

We’ve all heard and probably seen:

* Foods that are negative calories
* Foods that make you fat
* Foods you need to avoid
* Grocery lists of foods that you should buy when shopping
* Additives in food that could make you fat
* Don’t eat pasta
* Avoid all meats
* Throw all the sugars out in your house
* Food combining

The list goes on and one. Never ends really. And none of the advice is consistent.

But this piece of advice is consistent. It’s so darned obvious.

The September issue of Scientific American boils down weight loss into one concise recommendation: physical activity.

James Hill, a psychologist who helps run the The National Weight Control Registry, divulged to Scientific American the secret to successful weight loss:

“If you look at how they lost weight, there’s no commonality at all” … But “if you look at how they kept it off, there’s a lot of commonality.” The key, he continues, is exercise. “Activity becomes the driver; food restriction doesn’t do it. The idea that for the rest of your life you’re going to be hungry all the time-that’s just silly.”

Based on my own observations, I’ve found that many people can lose weight in a variety of ways (some healthy and some not so healthy). But the ONLY people that keep the weight off for life are the ones that make working out, exercise and being active part of their daily
routines. You don’t have to hit the gym and go nuts but you do need to bring more activity into your life in some capacity. Those who do not, end up gaining the weight back. Those who do, end up keeping it off for life.

It really is as simple as that.

Finally, a once sentence explanation that makes sense about lifetime weight loss.

Here’s a link to the article:
Trimming The Fat On Weight Loss Advice

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