The Middle Finger to Unrealistic Fitness Advice

 I received this little gem of advice today.

“Remember, good nutrition is all about making good choices in all situations - even on Halloween!”

Thanks for that. (eyes rolling)

Somebody needs to GET a DAMN life.  Why is it that every fitness guru’s newsletter I subscribe to gives out this bogus, unrealistic advice?  Not all of us want to eat, sleep and breath a plain chicken breast lifestyle?  For god’s sake, give out some REAL tips on this day not just “avoid the candy and beer.”

How awful it must be to just workout, eat healthy, and never drink a beer, eat a piece of candy and miss out on life becuase you might miss a workout.

You’ll be the healthiest dead person I know.

Here’s to that advice and anything else like that I receive today on Halloween.

My One Finger Salute to Piss Poor Fitness Advice

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2 Responses to “The Middle Finger to Unrealistic Fitness Advice”

  1. Rob Says:

    no shit eh

    I went out to my first Oktoberfest last weekend and yes, I drank. Excessively actually. No moderation at all.

  2. Marc Says:

    Thank you Rob for reminding us you can still “have a life” and be successful. I’ve seen your story and your transformation pictures. It’s obvious you can still have a life and become extremely fit.

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