The Body Fat Solution Review

The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto

Book Review:  The Body Fat Solution: 5 Principles for Burning Fat, Building Lean Muscle, Ending Emotional Eating, and Maintaining Your Perfect Weight (Avery/Penguin, 2009; 250 pages) by Tom Venuto

Audio Version:  Body Fat Solution audio (MP3) version of book will be on iTunes and audible.

It seems like everyday there’s a new diet book released.  It’s not everyday one comes out that will change your life.  Or, as The Wall Street Journal said earlier this week, the Body Fat Solution is more “attitude adjustment” than
diet book.

Introducing The Body Fat Solution

Tom Venuto is a fat loss expert with an extensive career in nutrition research and a lifetime drug free bodybuilding competitor.  Tom Venuto has been involved in almost every aspect of the fitness industry including weight loss, a personal trainer to thousands of clients, nutrition consultation, motivational coach, fitness model, health club manager and bestselling author of the #1 ebook, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.  He’s been involved in other online works such as MP3 (audio) seminars and recently The Burn The Fat Inner Circle, a weight loss community support site.

That’s Tom’s resume as found on his latest book, The Body Fat Solution.

How I Personally Know Tom

But I know Tom as a personal friend.  I found his original Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle ebook back in 2003.   I realized this was the person I needed as mentor eighteen years ago.   Tom achieved his physique using simple but proven fundamentals.  I know this to be true as it’s the way I’ve packed on muscle myself and how every successful bodybuilder does it today.  It’s no secret.  As Tom says early in the introduction, “I developed my physique naturally with nutrient dense food, carefully controlled calorie intake, progressive resistance weight training,  the right dose of cardio,  mind focused and well formed goals,  strong emotional drive and great support thru friends, training partners and mentors.”

Who is the Body Fat Solution Written For?

As Tom says, “It was written for men and women who are overweight.  It’s also for people who were previously overweight who want to maintain their ideal weight for the rest of their lives.  This book is for the person who doesn’t have all day to spend in the gym or in the kitchen preparing complicated meals.”

Tom sets the stage by explaining the overall problem and what leads to it.  You cannot solve a problem without first understanding it and grasping the issues behind it.  Once the problem is explained the attitudes and belief system can be attacked.  Tom Venuto outlines the 8 Weight Loss Myths early on:

Myth #1:  You can eat as much as you want and still lose weight

Myth #2:  Overweight people have a slower metabolism than thin people

Myth #3:  Some people are diet-resistant and can’t lose weight

Myth #4:  Your genetics are why you are overweight

Myth #5:  Dietary fat makes you gain body fat

Myth #6:  Carbohydrates make you fat

Myth #7:  Dietary changes for health and weight loss are one and the same

Myth #8:  Insulin or insulin resistance causes obesity

Venuto makes it very clear in one of several statements about the body fat problem when he says “Removing body fat is not simply a matter of going on a diet — it’s a much more complex issue, involving every area of your life.”

This Is More Than Another Thinking Yourself Thin Book

Nutrition, calories, metabolism and the focus on weight training as the foundation for any exercise program is extensively covered. Photos are included to show the proper demonstration of the most basic of exercises that could be easily done in a gym or at home.  Social support is given more than a paragraph as many people now realize the accountability and strength gained when in a group setting.

Towards the end is an appendix of recommend foods and the calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber breakdowns.  These foods are of course things you’d easily find at the grocery store.  Recipes aren’t included or meal plans but they can be located on The Body Fat Solution site.

It’s clear to me after reading this, Tom’s goal was to give the reader a tool set for the following:

  • encourage attitude changes for more than just positive thinking
  • stop any negative behaviors we have towards food
  • burn fat and build muscle
  • eat healthy yet tasty foods.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be an awful culinary experience
  • become motivated thru social support, journals, accountability, progress charts
  • strategies for controlling your appetite
  • breaking a fat loss plateau and what to do if you reach one

You Can Make Excuses Or Get Results, But You Can’t Do Both

The Body Fat Solution is not a diet.  It’s a program on how to burn fat and build muscle which will increase your metabolism.  It’s the only fix to the obesity epidemic that faces the world.  You won’t need any pills, drinks or supplements to do it.  It’s not gimmicky, based on a new discovery or requires anything that would be questionable or dangerous.

I can’t guarantee you that this book will fix everything in your life and that you will suddenly be healthy, lean and ripped like a fitness model.  But I honestly think there are some phenomenal ideas in this book that will certainly help you out.  For most people, it boils down to a change in a handful of daily behaviors and a shift in mindset.


  • Re-program your mind to develop “auto-pilot” success habits
  • Offers up a diagnosis of the obesity and weight problem
  • Encourages the readers to change mindsets vs. just mindless activity
  • Step by step instructions for modifying your life for this to work
  • Nothing crazy to do or follow; anybody can do this


  • Says it’s not for bodybuilders (like me) but it is.  There’s tons of value

I recommend The Body Fat Solution as I feel both personally and professionally that it is of major benefit to anybody looking to get leaner.  While it’s catered to the people struggling with weight loss, truly anybody who’s looking to get as lean as possible will be able to use these steps.

With that, I’d like to do a little something special.  This is your chance to sell your story to me.

THE OFFER:  Tell me in 100-300 words why The Body Fat Solution is something you need, I’d like to send you a copy. A real book, not an ebook, that you can hold in your hands.  Be sure to include your e-mail address within the comment in the spam safe format.  (e.g. marc[at] so that I can communicate with you directly on how to ship 1 copy of The Body Fat Solution to you.  This offer expires whenever I’ve chosen 10 comments on this post.  The 10 winning comments will be selected by me at my discretion.   Winners will be announced on this post in the comments section by me and I will begin contacting those winners individually.

* Please note, I have to order these copies myself and when they arrive, ship them out individually. *

** Your email address in the comments section will only be used by me to contact you personally.  You will not be signed up by me for anything.  **

*** If you aren’t one of the lucky few or you’d rather get multiple copies, keep reading as there’s still ways to get some massive value including bonus material that Tom Venuto is offering AND a sweepstakes entry that doesn’t require the purchase of anything to enter. ***

A FAVOR:  If you have purchased the book and have enjoyed it, would you please do a review of the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble’s website.  There are many people out there who would rather write a dishonest review of a book they’ve never read.  We both know that you can’t judge a book or a wine bottle by the cover.  If you can, write an honest review.  Positive or negative but only if you’ve read the book of course.

I do wish you the best for 2009.  There’s a lot of interesting things in the works this year and I will try to alert you to the best ones.  And if you haven’t joined me on Facebook as a friend on my page or my tweets on Twitter, be sure to do so to get information fast!

Get your copy of the book everyone is talking about:


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Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of The NoBull Bodybuilding Program

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P.P.P.S. – If you are a lucky winner for my offer, you can still enter the sweepstakes.  I’m a contributing member to the Burn The Fat Inner Circle and hands down, it’s the best online community support.  Heck, I’m not just a contributer, I’m a regular member that uses it for my own motivation and support.

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  • Marc David

    Remember: You must enter your email address in the format like Joe[at] Do not use the actual @ symbol. It's the ONLY way I'm going to be able to contact you if I've picked your comment as one of the winning ten.

    Of course, you are free to just comment as well without leaving your email or any other information.

  • Beth Paulson Riedemann

    I've been circling my laptop like a hungry wolf, waiting to pounce on the “submit” button to order my copy of The Body Fat Solution. I have much respect for a subject matter expert that encourages further research. I've followed you both for years through back surgeries, childbirth, garden-variety laziness… all sorts of events that led to weight gain. Each time I panicked and looked for the magic bullet (pills, supplements, 30 second workouts). But each time, I finally calmed down, referred to Tom's and your sites; commentary; and books… and lost the weight. Sure, I get tempted by the fads. But I always come back to the truth.

    You know what really attracted me to this book? The concept of how to keep the weight off! I don't think I've ever seen a publication that really addresses this. I also like the all-in-one format. It addresses all my questions about the Top 3 C's of weight loss: Calories, Cardio, Carbohydrates. These seem to be the primary concepts on which publications focus… but in fragmented pieces. I'm tired if standing in book stores or toggling back and forth online to evaluate if I should invest in this book or that book or all books. It gets costly and time consuming. The Body Fat Solution is like one-stop shopping for valuable, real weight loss information.

    I think we all know what to do and already have the tools within us to reach our goals. But for some reason, we need a (credible) authority figure to lay it out for us and confirm what we already know. Oddly, we don't consider ourselves (credible) authority figures. I get the feeling this new book will help us to realize our own credibility and authority. I like that. I like that a lot.

    - B
    phred405 [at]

  • Ryan

    I used to weigh 275 pounds. I started working out and lifting seriously two years ago. I am continuing to put all the effort in, but I have been stuck at 225 for the last 6 months (the fat around my waist!). I try to eat healthy, and I've read all I can about nutrition, but I can't seem to stick to it. This book sounds like it could help me break through and enjoy all the work I have put in, and help me change my life. Please email me @ .

  • Ryan

    I started working out 2 years ago when I weighed 275 pounds. I lost 55 pounds in the first year, but I have had this “spare tire” for the last year. I am still putting all the effort in. Now at a plateau for the last year it seems, I can't break through 220. I have worked out so hard, I know that it is my inability to consistently eat the right foods at the right times. This book sounds like it could change my life and finally allow me to see the true results of the work I put in at the gym. Under this layer of fat I know I'm ripped, but I can't seem to find the right regimen and STICK TO IT! Please help me!

    Thanks for this opportunity,


  • Mike Mahony

    The internet is loaded with alleged gurus who tell you things but don't really follow their own advice. Tom Venuto is not one of those people. Tom walks the walk and talks the talk. His book, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, completely changed my life. I finally found out that I could eat and lose the fat. It wasn't about starving myself. I am excited to read the new book because I know Tom gives out the best advice and has the best methods for nutrition. As a body builder himself, Tom is the type of guy you want to follow. It is extremely important to take advice from those who have actually done it.

  • Steven


  • Steven


  • Paul Grooms

    Marc, I thought your review was great for Tom Venuto's new book The BodyFat Solution,What appeals to me is that it is simpler than his previous book and at this time of my life simpler is better. I'm more likely to try and stick to a simple program. The other aspect I like is having a program that helps with the mindset. Often I find myself quitting just when I'm starting to see the results. Having tools to breakthrough that barrier is important.

    Thank foryour podcast it has help me get out of the couch potato mentally and get moving.Maybe I'll even win a book?

  • Marc David

    Update: Beth, Ryan, Steven, Paul will get copies. 6 copies left.

    @Mike – Thanks. That's exactly what went thru my head back in 2003 when I read BFFM twice.

    @Paul – For sure!

    @Ryan – We will see won't we as you will be getting a copy. Stay-tuned. And expect an email from me so be on the lookout!

    @Steven – Motivation is a huge part of The Body Fat Solution. An aspect I like to overlook myself but truly, you can have an okay workout program and 90% you stick to your nutritional program. But without motivation, you fall off the wagon and end up with nothing. If this book can't get you thinking about the mental aspects of health, I have no idea what will. We'll know as you will be getting a copy. Stand-by.

  • Mic 'thejuice' Cullen

    Tom Venuto is an author who I respect, which makes him one of a very select group in the huge number of “authors” writing about weightloss and muscle-building on the internet. .

    I bought “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” a few years ago, and devoured it (so to speak :-) . Well thought out, well structured. Made sense, didn't try to sell you stuff. (Not that I've lost much weight, due to a variety of reasons, but I've not been adding it at the rate I would have.)

    However, I really struggled with the decision to buy it due to the website (, which looks like every other scam site in existence – buy now, price about to increase! Buy now, get these supposedly hundreds of dollars worth of extras for free!

    Example (as of today):

    Don't wait a minute to order at this low price! The regular price of the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program will be going up to $49 after this introductory promotion is over. In the not too distant future, this program may only be available as part of a membership/mentoring package which will probably cost at least $197.00

    Well, I bought this book/package years ago, and guess what? It still hasn't gone up in price. The “super-bonuses” still exist. Surprise me.

    The book is WAY beyond what it appears to be on the website, and as such, the site does it a great disservice. Don't treat people who come to the site like morons, because the book won't work for morons, you need to be able to think, despite the appearance of the site. If they want the book to be thought of as serious, (which it is), it should be sold as such, not like some kind of weightloss equivalent of an enhancement pill.

    As I've said, BFFM is a terrific book, but the representation by the author via the website is abysmal.

    Buy it anyway, along with the new book.

    cheers, juice (juice[at]

  • Mike

    In school I was the fat kid. I felt horrible about myself. Eventually I got tired of being morbidly obese and I decided to change my life and become healthy. I shed enough weight to make the cut for my next change in life: enlisting in the Army Reserve. Ever since my weight loss I've become more and more interested in health and fitness. I've developed a voracious appetite for any information I can find. I love Tom's work because it is good solid advice and it has no gimmicks. What Tom promotes is good solid fitness tips that make sense scientifically.

    There are two main reasons I'm interested in getting Tom's new book. The first is that I want to gain tools to advance my fitness. While I've been able to pack on a lot of muscle, I'm having a hard time breaking into the realm of being “shredded”. Also, I try to help friends, family and fellow Soldiers with their fitness and weight loss goals and provide them with the social support they need to get healthy.

    Thank you very much.

    mikemeskel [at]

  • Marc David

    @Mike – When you said…

    “Also, I try to help friends, family and fellow Soldiers with their fitness and weight loss goals and provide them with the social support they need to get healthy”

    You sold me bud. There's a FINE line between those that know and those that don't. If you want to learn more so that you can devote more time to helping people live better, happier and healthier lives.. then I want to pay it forward to steal a really old cliche! Winner!

    @Juice – I'm just as guilty with my own NoBull Bodybuilding product. I used to think people would just be happy to see a good product and want it. If you build it they will come.

    Didn't happen. As much as I think people don't want to be sold.. they do want to be sold and psychological tactics work.

    I don't use them much as I just try and be Marc David. The guy who's typing right now into this comment box is the same guy who'd have a drink with you at a restaurant. It's what's keeping my product low on the rankings as I don't do all that b.s. hype and jazz these other guys do. I'm first about fitness and then the biz. Seems to me many people are more about the biz and $$$ and then.. oh yeah.. helping you get fit.

    You got a copy dude. You make some excellent points and I seriously can't fault you for pointing out the truth. Consider yourself a winner and stay tuned, I'll be contacting everybody real soon.

    4 copies left I think?

  • Campbell McNeill

    I've read Tom Venuto's stuff before and I can categorically say that his easy to use advice has made a massive difference to my life. There are many others that give out similar messages but none make it as easy to use as Tom.

    I'm already a proud owner for Burn the Fat and I am waiting on my copy of the Body Fat Solution arriving from Amazon. I believe the book might just contain the help I need to see food purely as fuel and not as something to turn to when bored etc.

    As I mentioned I've already ordered a copy so what am I canvassing for a copy here?

    Well, when I heard about this book, one of my first thoughts was this might just be the thing that my best friend needs to give him the tools he needs to get himself into shape. I've tried to offer advice to him before and point him in the right direction but as they say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

    He rejected my advice with such claims that it's silly brainwashing cult type nonsense and couldn't see how it could be for him.

    I'm now concerned that his health and fitness levels in conjunction with his age are putting him in the position that he will start to suffer some real heath problems. In your 20s you can get a away with an unhealthy lifestyle somewhat but in your 30s, this is when it's going to start to take it's toll. Getting him the right advice to get more active and stop eating rubbish might just be what allows him to have a long and happy life.

    I think if I were to leave a copy of this book at his house, and take away the pressure of him admitting what his issues are to me or any others, he will find the time to read it (he is a good reader) and absorb the knowledge within. I think providing him with this knowledge, giving him the tools he needs to change his life will be the thing that triggers him into action. I know from my own experience what it felt like to be in the dark with regards to health and fitness and I can categorically say that it is wonderful to be enlightened.

    Giving him this book will put him on the path to enlightenment.

    Thanks for all the good work Marc. You're a gent and a scholar.

    campbell.mcneill [at]

  • Marc David

    @Campbell – Consider it done. Passing along good information to a friend is a noble cause. As I said in a previous comment below.. it's a fine line that differentiates those who know and those that do not. It's a mere handful of daily lifestyle changes that can alter the course. What a great idea, leave a copy and hope they will read it.

    Okay.. that means I've got 3 copies left

  • Lisa Survillas

    I have heard many wonderful thingas abour Mr. Venuto and his previous e book, just never been in the position to get it. I was turned on to him by a friend who started competing as a figure competitior. She uses his book for motivation and tips to help her improve her stage apperance. She has said it is a valuable tool in her aresonal. A few years ago I set out on a quest to get my body back. I was a mom of two who before kids was a size 6 and happy, but by the time my kids were 3 and 4 I was up to 175 pounds and size 14. I was miserable. I vowed to get my body back through changing my lifestyle, eating habbits and exercise habbits included. I would make small changes and when I would get to a plateau I would make additional adjustments. On my own in 4 months I was able to get to 145 lbs and a size 5. I think because I incorporated weight lifting, my body was in better shape than before kids. Today three years later I still struggle to get to my goal, but have maintained a 140 lbs and amd in a size 3/5 depending upon the maker. I am working towards 120 lbs and 16% body fat (I am at 28% now). During this quest I have become passionate about learning about nutrtion and fitness. I someday hope to become certified and help families make changes together to become healthier and happier. I love to teach my kids all that I have learned and in turn, I have heard that they turn down unhealthy snacks at friends houses in leiu of a healthier option. I have learned a lot and still have a lot to learn. I think Mr. Venuto's book would definitly help me reach my goal as I have noticed my worst habbits are linked to stress and boredom. Looking forward to reading his book! Thank you – lisasurvillas [at]

  • Dan

    The long and short of it is, I'm 27 today, and have set a goal for myself this year to lose 90 pounds and get in shape! I hope to hit my 28th birthday at 225 pounds; now, let me tell you why.

    A little over five years ago, when I was a month short of turning 21, the police showed up at our door and told me my dad had died. He was diabetic, and had been working as a courier, blacked out at the wheel, went off and overpass, and hit an embankment. In another month, he would have been 50. After he died, I made a decision that I would not wind up the same way. I've hit some bumps along the way, trying to stay motivated, but I know that at this point, it's now or never. I can't keep going the way I'm going, and I'm ready to make some serious changes. I know it won't be easy, I know it will take time, but I'm ready to invest both. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that hard work makes just about anything possible. That's why this eBook would be so beneficial, and just downright awesome! I know that with the right tools, I can make lasting changes, and I'm ready to do it.


  • Jim


    I have listened to you and other related casts ever since I discovered podcasts. The information I have been able to amass over the last two years has been astounding to me. But there is still something missing…

    I have been working out steadily for 5 years or more, but could barely keep myself at an even weight with significant travel for work etc. and an ever increasing stress and workload.

    Now in the last year, managing a factory in a rapidly declining economy has really set the emotional wheels in motion. I still get up at 4:30am to get my workout in, but upon arriving home late I literally tear into whatever I can get my hands on the fastest. It is worse when the family is out, because there is less guilt when no one is watching. I feel physically and mentally drained at the end of the day, and the feeding frenzy is mentally devastating. I have read some of Tom's work online, but I am fascinated to see that someone may have finally gotten to root cause. There are countless books telling us what we should eat, and none that I have found that really tell us WHY WE EAT THE WAY WE DO. I know what I should eat. But the stress of layoffs and 14 hour days does not have me going after the carrot sticks.

    I am eager to see if Tom's book can help me understand. I am afraid of what the next couple years might bring for me and my family when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

    Thanks to you Marc for all you have done to motivate me to keep working out.
    Jim –> torreonjim [at]

  • Brandon

    Hi Marc, wondering if you still have copies of Tom's book. I just heard your podcast about your offer. I was a bit reluctant to do so at first as I am not a person who struggles with body fat (in fact I track with calipers and am always under 12 % even when trying to put on size). But I am looking for something to take my body to that next level. I know generally what foods to eat and what to avoid as well as much as how much to eat. I don't have trouble saying no to the bad foods (I look at food as fuel). But its time to increase my understanding. I want all my hard muscle building work to show come this summer and get down in to the single digits for body fat.

    Anyway, that's my submission and no worries if someone more in need is chosen over me.


    brandon.james.mills [at]

  • Chris Tackett

    Hi, Marc.

    First, thank you for the podcast. It's one of the few that I listen to in the gym. It's a help in cutting through all the hype and the pretty pictures wrapped around clueless content in the glossy muscle press.

    I think nutrition is probably the least addressed issue in modern workout resources. A few interesting recipes show up once in a while, but one or two good recipes hardly make a dent in a lifetime of unhealthy eating. You can't eat canned tuna or plain unseasoned poached chicken breasts for any length of time without going crazy. Besides, that's not healthy in the long term either.

    I'm slowly coming to realize that I'm going to have to totally transform my relationship to food and eating in order to live a long, healthy life. I watched my mother die of diabetes, and while that scared me, I still feel powerless in the face of food. I can't figure out which way to turn.

    I've been a lifelong foodie, pursuing taste and flavor, calories be damned! I've also been feeding friends and family the same stuff: high calorie foods in large servings. I'm a good cook with a decent handle on basic kitchen techniques, but I have trouble knowing what to serve to make a meal complete and appropriate nutritionally for different people with different needs. That's not taught in the glossy magazine food press, either.

    Food also has become an emotional issue for me. I feel bad because I'm big, I eat because I feel bad, and I'm big because I eat too much of the wrong stuff for the wrong reasons.

    As a result, I'm much larger than I need to be. I've come to a decent workout routine, and I feel strong (and thank you for the help with that). But, without the right nutrition I can't lose the fat that's smothering me and my muscles (to say nothing of my heart and lungs) and can't push beyond the fairly basic-to-middling level I'm at right now.

    I need the nutritional assistance. Help!

    Either way, thank you for the blog and podcast. Keep up the good work!

    Tucson AZ
    F148548 (at)

  • Joe Siciliano

    Okay, so here goes..
    I was always concerned about my weight. I'm actually not a fat guy. just not in the best shape. I never really was. I was always soft around the middle, even when I had a 28 inch waist. Now that I”m almost 42 years old and have a 3 year old son, I find it difficult to keep up with him already. I know that my problem is that I have a really strange relationship with food. that is the only thing keeping me from being in good shape physically ad mentally. I know that I already put the time into going to the gym, it's just the way that I eat that's not helping me and holding me back.
    From the reviews I've read of Tom Venuto's book, it will help me change my relationship with food so I can use it to my advantage instead of the opposite. About 2 years ago, someone gave me a copy of his “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” e-book and I skimmed through it pretty quickly and didn't think it was for me, since I wasn't a serious athlete or anything even close. Right now, I'm just a Dad who want's to be able to play with his son without being winded after 10 minutes, and be around long enough to play with my grandchildren if I am to have any.
    So, there you have it, my reasons for wanting this book. If I don't win it here, I will buy it next week anyway. So, if someone else is more deserving of it, Good luck to all.


    joeynunzio [at] yahoo dot com

  • Marc David

    And the 10 copies of The Body Fat Solution go to:

    1. Beth
    2. Ryan
    3. Steven
    4. Paul
    5. Mike
    6. Mic Cullen
    7. Campbell McNeil
    8. Lisa Survillas
    9. Dan
    10. Jim

    Although I go some excellent comments from:

    1. Chris
    2. Joe
    3. Brandon

    I'll be contacting Chris, Joe and Brandon for a runner up prize. Taking action is the first step. Out of thousands of emails that went out, only a few took even the first step to just posting anything. That is leaps and bounds above most and it will make you successful. Action. Sounds silly but it's true.

    Start checking your email guys. I'm going to be contacting you individually.

  • Tim

    Hi Marc. I have been a listener of your podcast for over three years now. I love your open and honest communication format. You are easy to understand and you filter throuth all the balogna and give us the real goods. From all the reviews I've heard this book does some of the same. I am a dedicated gym goer. Excercise is not my issue. My problem is in the evenings when I'm on the couch watching TV. I just can't stop myself from snacking. I can't wait to read what Tom suggests to help me stop this behavior that continually sabatoges all my hard work in the gym. You can reach me at inturn2000[at]yahoo[dot]com. Thanks for the opportunity.


  • Brenda

    I am a soon to be 46 year old female working on dropping 60 lbs. I have never been skinny and am fitter now that I had been but still over weight. I know the concepts, have put them to use and have dropped some of the weight before. I like the idea that he deals with what is behind the weight along with teaching the nutrition and exercise. I go to the gym at least 3 days a week, I have come to the understanding that my body does better on fewer carbs, and I am working towards becoming the me that I know I can be if I am willing to do the work. I already feel so much better with the cardio and weightlifting. This book zeros in on the information that I need to apply to continue on my journey. I respect Tom from all the information I have seen from people using his “Burn the fat, feed the muscle” book. From his reputation I trust the information that he provides. I do much better when I can read a plan and just do it. I plan on the 2nd half of my life being so much fitter than the first was.

  • Dave

    Hi. I have been wanting to lose weight for several years, but have lacked the knowledge and/or motivation to do much about it. I have been having some knee problems due to my weight. I am turning 40 this year, and don't want to live like this any more. The turning point for me was recently getting on the scale and seeing 302 lbs. I want to be able to be around to see my kids grow up and actually be able to play with them. I don't want them to have the “Fat” Dad anymore. I just starting using podcasts yesterday, and stumbled upon yours today. I can be contacted at drinquest[at]

  • Naomi

    A couple people have already told me how great this book is. I'll have to check it out!

  • Brad Schultz


    Got your email and jumped to go to the web page Body Fat Solution Review. I NEED THIS BOOK!!!

    Let me explain:

    1. I am now 52 years old.

    2. My bmi is close to 50%.

    3. I now am living with atrial fibulation.

    4. Because of 4 above I really cannot do aerobic since I am out of breath as a result of just walking from my car to the mall entrance.

    5. I have 3 bad disks in my lower back.

    6. I have 3 bad disks in my lower neck.

    7. I am 6 foot 3 inches tall and currently weigh around 375 pounds.

    8. I need to build lean mucsle, get rid of all this excess fat and also build some bone density for the next 30 years.

    9. I don't have time to wade through and BS! I don't have time to waste trying to figure out what does and does not work.

    10. I am about to go through a medical procedure called radio ablation for my heart which should end my issue with being out of breath so quickly upon excersion of any kind, I hope.

    11. I believe that my best chance to get in shape is to lift the dumb bells I already own and I am in NEED of a plan that is straightforward. I am a No Bull type of guy too.

    Thanx for your willingness to pay it forward!


  • Vince del Monte

    good review. I just finished , and now i will go to read this ebook about bodybuilding. I think these information will help me to keep my body fitness.

  • burnthefat

    Are there any more books up for grabs, it looks very interesting. If there is please let me know? thanks

  • Marc David

    They went pretty fast. If I had copies, I'd keep on giving them out. It's well worth the read and you can grab the hardcopy at in the link in the post. If I ever do this again, I'll let people know in advance.

  • burnthefat

    Are there any more books up for grabs, it looks very interesting. If there is please let me know? thanks

  • Marc David

    They went pretty fast. If I had copies, I'd keep on giving them out. It's well worth the read and you can grab the hardcopy at in the link in the post. If I ever do this again, I'll let people know in advance.

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