Weight Loss Secrets for Real People

Mike Mahony “The Fat Burning Machine” interviews Marc David “The NoBull Muscle Guy”
about training, nutrition and program evaluation.

[tag-tec]Mike Mahony[/tag-tec] knows exactly what’s it’s like to be overweight and start a mission to burn fat. He’s called “The Fat Burning Machine” and is part of the Adam Waters “Real-Time Physique” shredders group. A group of dedicated individuals that are determined to transform their bodies.

This interview covers:

* Can you really expect the same gains year after year like a beginner?

* Marc’s thoughts on pre-fabricated workouts.

* When should you cut and when should you bulk?

* Tips on how to increase your bench press.

* Why separating your cardio from your weights might be just what you need to burn more fat.

* What supplements work and how you can keep your budget to $30 or less and make fantastic progress.

If you want to know how to burn more fat, lose weight or begin a body transformation, you’ll want to listen to this call.
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