Grapefruit Diet

Monday, April 20th, 2009
Photo Credit: Muffet of Flickr

Photo Credit: Muffet of Flickr

At some point, you’ve probably heard that some type of fruit can help you lose weight.  From bananas, to cherries, apples and oranges, there’s always something.  But now my family is bugging me about…

The Grapefruit Diet!

This is going to be SHORT so here goes.

It’s a myth that there’s some special enzyme in a grapefruit that helps digest or burn fat and can lead to increased weight loss.  While there’s no fat burning substance per se, the grapefuit is low in calories (40 in a medium sized fruit) and filling.

Low calories… filling… should sound familar.

You’ll expereince the same thing with sevearl servings of fruits and vegetables.  Lower in overall calories and filling (water and fiber).

Combine that with activity(defined as movement + weight training) for an increased calorie expenditure for the day and like magic…

You burn more fat.  You lose weight.

The Grapefruit Diet is bull!  It’s true you can lose weight on that type of diet depending on many variables such as your previous calorie intake before… there’s nothing special about that particular fruit that has magic powers over fat loss.  I could do anything to reduce my calorie intake for one meal and make a drastic reduction in my overall body fat.

In all fairness, there’s some more in-depth research around The Grapefruit Diet.  Tom Venuto, over at Burn The Fat Inner Circle, did a one page write-up about this very topic.  He does that kinda of stuff all the time inside his membership area.

Anyway, I’m off to eat a grapefruit.  But only because I like it!

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

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“Combat Abs” – this may be your LAST CHANCE!

Monday, January 7th, 2008

I hope you’re reading this, because today (January 6, 2008) is the last day you’ll have an opportunity to sign up for “Early Bird” status for tomorrow’s GIAGANTIC launch of the Jeff Anderson‘s new “military fat loss” called “Combat The Fat”.

[ Missed the Interview? Click Here to Listen to the Replay ]

And now, this message is even MORE IMPORTANT!

Jeff has just REDUCED the amount of slots that are open for his PRIVATE coaching sessions!

Here’s the message Jeff sent me a little while ago…

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
Email from Jeff:

“Hi everyone!

First I want to thank you for getting the word out about Tuesday’s launch of ‘Combat The Fat’. TONS of people have signed up for the 1-hour ‘Early Bird’ notice.

But I’m making one little change that will GREATLY impact the program…

Originally I was going to open up the sessions for just 1,000 registrants and not allow any ‘question & answer’ ability during the broadcasts (that would just be WAY too many people to try to accommodate!).

But now I’ve decided that I WILL offer LIVE Q&A during each session to make sure I answer all the questions everyone has about how to burn fat…

…BUT…that means I’m going to have to GREATLY lower the amount of people who will be able to take part in the program!

In fact, in order to give everyone the attention they deserve, I’m starting off with just 250 available “seats” for the coaching. If I start getting too many people in the program, I’ll have to increase the price or limit the participation to keep the numbers manageable.

Please let your subscribers know about this major change and I hope they take advantage of signing up to work with me. It’s going to be a BLAST to work with them and see their results!


- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -

So if you’re looking for a program that actually TAKES YOU BY THE HAND and shows you step-by-step how to burn off 10 lbs…20 lbs…100+ LBS (in a series of LIVE sessions you can attend from anywhere in the world!), then I urge you to go and sign up for Jeff’s “Early Bird” notification list so you don’t miss out on your hotline notification.

It’s the ONLY way you can get a 1-hour headstart on the rest of the world and ensure you get into the program at the price he’s offering it at (we’re talking next to NOTHING compared with what it would cost for a personal trainer…and WAY more detailed!)

Here’s another link to where you can sign up: Combat the Fat

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