How to Be a Vegetarian Bodybuilder

Vegetarian Bodybuilder is not a favorite concept to many people looking to build muscle.

Vegetarian Bodybuilder Joel Kirkilis

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In fact, some trainers flat out tell their clients “Don’t become a vegetarian!”  Or that vegetarian bodybuilding isn’t possible or that it’s a total waste of their time.  While vegan bodybuilding may have it’s pitfalls, there’s a bright side to this aspect of traditional bodybuilding.  You are about to learn the problems that can be inherent in a vegetarian lifestyle that are not concerns with other nutritional lifestyles and what you can do to compensate when it comes to building muscle.  You will discover you need to know to optimize performance if you choose a vegetarian bodybuilding lifestyle.  It’s certainly possible for vegans to perform at optimal levels and build muscle but not without some careful planning.