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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
Follow Me at Supply Side West

Follow Me at Supply Side West

This year when I venture off to Las Vegas for Supply Side West, I’m going to try and be a bit more creative and use some of the cool technology.  Since I’ve got my wonderful BlackBerry Tour, I have the ability to use UberTwitter to Tweet and even post pictures.  So this is not only a fun show (I’ve been several times before) but it will allow me to try and engage interested parties in a way I wasn’t able to do before.

I’m headed to the show November 11, 2009 and will be Tweeting my way thru the show.  Not too much mind you!  I’ll try and keep it interesting and informative.  You can find the simple instructions below on how to keep updated on this event.

What Is Supply Side West:

As I’ve said before, it is a huge expo style show with behind the scenes kinda stuff most fitness pros don’t follow.  This isn’t a show for competitors.  It’s not littered with supplement companies.  This is the show where the suppliers of the ingredients get together to showcase their products and talk to vendors and the likes.

It’s how I keep up to date on what actually goes into that protein shake you are drinking.  It’s my insight into what goes into products, from what country and all the finer details.  It’s much more than a supplement show where all you see are fitness models and packaged goods with LOUD music and annoying claims.

SupplySide West is the world’s largest event for healthy and innovative ingredients. The show features hundreds of exhibitors showcasing thousands of ingredients.

How You Can Follow Me at Supply Side West:

I will be using the hashtag #SSW09 for Twitter posts (aka “Tweets”) concerning this year’s Expo.  If you are a Twitter user, please make sure to add “#SSW09” to all your tweets about the Supply Side West conference.

If you are new to using hashtags, note that you can follow hashtags via our page on Twubs ( This makes it easy for you to keep track of all posts about the show, regardless of whether you are following me or the various tweets.

Who knows, I might even be able to stop by a booth or two if you Tweet me your info using the hashtag above.

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

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