Social Bookmarking For Bodybuilders

StumbleUpon (opens in a new window to my profile page) can be a major source of new and interesting sites for you to discover based upon your interests! This video introduces you to StumbleUpon, how it works, and how to use it.

In this video you’ll quickly see how one particular “social bookmarking” tool can help you discover useful fitness, health and even bodybuilding sites you might never have know about. About 2% of my all time favorite sites I found using this social bookmarking site called StumbleUpon.

Tip: Be sure to fine turn your preferences so the sites you may Stumble across target your interests.

Here’s how to start social bookmarking and finding sites you might like but never knew existed.

Some sites I found by using this tool:


Nino Savona

Real Muscle Online

Ivan Nikolov

Tom Venuto