When Bodybuilding and Steroids Go Wrong

At some point, you’ve probably read or heard about A-Rod, or Alex Rodriguez admitting to steroid use.  The story can be summed up as… “On Monday in an ESPN interview, Rodriguez copped to using steroids while with the Texas Rangers. He said the pressure to prove he was worth the Texas-sized $252 million contract forced him to use steroids.”

But it’s not a shocker to see professional athletes using steroids.  Is it?  If it’s so illegal why hasn’t Mr. Olympia been shut down?  Nobody is shocked at those shows.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here, from the business records of a Florida wellness center that was closed after a 2007 law enforcement raid, are the faces of the nation’s infatuation with performance-enhancing drugs – people who sought to buy steroids, human growth hormone and other powerful prescription drugs over the Internet to address deeply felt problems and concerns.

You have to read this story at least for some of the reasons why the normal, non-professional would consider taking steroids.

The steroid user next door – who bought and why

What about your kids?  What about you?  Your wife?  Husband?  Maybe you serve in the military and need a boost?  The sex life isn’t what it used to be?  You’ve been involved in an accident and if only you could get your hands on some HGH or Steroids, you could get back to your former self.

“A soldier from Iowa wrote: “I want to build muscle pretty quick but do it in a healthy way. I am 19 years old and I have tried all kind of things ever since I have been here in Iraq.”

Your 19.  You probably don’t know who Vince Gironda is… you don’t eat enough and you don’t get top quality nutrition while serving.  I guarantee you at 19 years of age, you haven’t tried jack!

Without getting into the arguments for or against it, I simply found this story to be interesting to see who else is looking for the magic promised by performance enhancing drugs.  While sports stars get all the attention, they are not the only people involved in this or wanting the benefits promised by the right dose.  Who knows… maybe the woman next door who is overweight and tried every diet is seeking the promise made.  Or the 14 year old kid who’s pressured to gain weight and strength fast for next season.

The steroid user next door – who bought and why

No matter what your overall opinions are on this issue, you have to admit, Americans are a drug culture.  We solve our issues with a pill.

I’m not sure of the solution.  Maybe you have some ideas.  I’d love to hear them.

To Your Health,

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

P.S. - This is only meant to bring light to some other reasons why people may take steroids.  This isn’t meant as my rant against them.  I don’t know anything about them.  I simply thought the reasons why non-professionals might take them were different from what I read and hear in the news.