1-Andro Rx by IronMagLabs

1-Andro Rx from IronMagLabs

When Robert Dimaggio of IronMagLabs approached me with yet another product, instead of being skeptical, I was interested.  IronMagLabs thru magic, wizardry or the little green man behind the curtain, tends to deliver a very powerful product.  Nothing too hyped up or fancy but just enough to get the stated job done.

IronMagLabs introduced 1-Andro Rx.  The claims go like this…

  • Increases Lean Muscle Mass
  • Increases Strength & Power
  • Does Not Convert to Estrogen or DHT
  • No Bloating or Water Retention
  • Converts to 1-Testosterone
  • 7 X the Anabolic Potency of Testosterone
  • Pharmaceutical Grade 1-Androsterone

The levels of testosterone in a person are based on several factors:

* age
* nutritional habits
* genes
* workouts
* recovery

As we age… especially men, we’re looking for the magic pill.

We all know there is none.

But there’s some supplements that work and most that don’t. Rob has somehow managed to squeak out yet another product that seems from all my personal experiences to do just what it says.

Without a blood test, I can’t be scientifically 100% certain the changes I claim exist but I will elaborate on my experience with this particular product.

I asked Rob point blank what he recommended in terms of a dosage scheduled.

week 1 – 3caps
week 2 – 4caps
week 3 – 6caps
week 4 – 6caps
week 5 – 4caps
week 6 – 3caps

Week 1: Observations

Took 1 pill, 3 times a day with meals. Not much to report. But rarely does any supplement start working the 1st week. I didn’t expect it to. Ramping up.

No obvious reactions. No stomach issues. Nothing to report the 1st week.

Week 2: Observations

Overall, I noticed one thing.

* more emotional one way or the other. Something “teen” like in terms of mental energy?

I just felt different. More ready to attack the weight stack? Hard to explain.

Nothing yet in terms of significant strength gains. But felt like momentum was building up.

Week 3 & 4 Observations:

Flat out significant strength gains. Recovery was up a bit but I’m lifting heavier weights.. period.

Not just mentally stronger but significant. Flat out doing more.

Of course, being 36 I have a few nagging injuries so I have to avoid what hurts but for 99% of my lifts during these weeks. It was UP!

Felt energized.
Felt agitated?
Felt riled up?!

No acne.
No stomach issues.
No negatives to report.

Always taking this with food.

Sleeping less but not waking up sleepy.

While I’m keeping a journal of my workouts and following one of my favorite programs, I can say that across the board, I’m adding 10 lbs to smaller muscle groups and 20 lbs to bigger.

Because of this rare opportunity, I’ve also lowered my reps to 4-6 which obviously will increase my strength as well. Taking every advantage during these weeks as it’s obvious to me something is working.

Appeared leaner? Weight not changed too much. Felt fuller.

As you can tell, a scientist I am not!

Week 5: Observations

Freak strength. Okay, not freak but stronger that usual. Today I did a flat DB bench press. Something I do on a regular basis. At least the last 4 weeks.

Not having a spotter or training partner nearby, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Needless to say, the 100 lbs were not a problem for multiple sets supersetted with DB pullovers of the same weight.

Regardless, this has been a very good week.

Still feel very good. Nice recovery. And while I don’t want to lift heavy per se, I easily can and my strength is up.

If I’d been much better at this, I would have done a body composition. At this point, it’s a bit late and I’d be a liar if I tried to guess what I was when I started. It’s my fault.

There are others that will test this supplement who I’m sure will do so.

Overall, very satisfied. IronMagLabs delivers. This is a simple product with a very simple goal in mind. After 5 weeks, I’m quite happy with the results thus far.

Week 6: Final Observations

I’m back to 1 capsule, three times per day.  The strength is still there but my “emotions” I spoke about above in such vague terms are diminished.  Nothing negative to report.  With a final weight-in, my total body weight dropped by 7 lbs since the last time I was officially weighted!  Strange yes but it can be attributed to stress and a lack of nutrition focus.  But that’s not what I found the most interesting.

My strength was thru the roof.  I look and feel leaner yet I’m overall less in total body weight.  Fat loss?  Could be if I’d taken proper measurements from the start.  Nonetheless, a pleasant surprise to weight a bit less but not feel any worse for it and actually end up being stronger to boot.

Like many of IronMagLabs products, they are reasonable.  Simple and in my own as Will Brink coined the phrase…


“Hey, I dunno but it works for me.”

This is another winner from Robert.  I personally don’t recommend anybody under the age of 30 dabble in prohormones.  I don’t recommend them to anybody who’s not experienced in the use or has done the research.  But if you have, congratulations, this may be worth a try or at least warrant some further investigation.

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Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”