2009 Predictions

In line with every other fitness expert, guru and fanatic… I felt instead of telling you what to get ready for in 2009 or the usual party lines of…

“Come on guys and gals, this is the time.  No excuses!  It’s now or never!”

You’ve already seen that and heard it.  I’m going to just give you a run down of what I see happening in 2009.

  • 1 ab physical product will be sold in an As Seen in TV.  Bloggers will pick up on the story and immediately tell you how you don’t need it but you do need a $47+ ebook program complete with DVDs
  • Two new diets will come out.  They will be twists on the same old things as every diet is… but they will have cooler cover, fancier names and big promos pushing them.  If you watch Oprah, you know exactly what I mean.
  • 2009 will be the year of Back to the Basics.  Because 2008 was a twist on so many advanced concepts, functional strength, Bosu balls, free weights and such… 2009 is going to be a slew of preaching about lifting heavy weight, sticking to the basics and not wasting time with all those other programs.  The same ones being promoted to you in 2008 mind you.
  • Americans will spend a bit less on fitness related stuff opting to see if they can use what they already have but International sales will go up as the US dollar continues to lose value.  I’m getting more and more questions and comments from foreign fitness people than ever before.
  • At least 3 major fitness blogs will post a list of the Top X exercises to avoid.  I’ve already seen Men’s Health and Fitness jump on this one in their Rodale series of books for 2009.  A list of exercises you should avoid at all costs.  It’s got new ones from my 2008 edition.  By 2012, it will only be safe to walk, do strict pull-ups and push-ups. Every machine will be banned and every free weight exercise will be somehow dangerous to your spine and gyms will toss you out for doing them.
  • Ebooks are old school.  Now it will be MP3 downloads to accompany the ebooks along with cheaply made DVDs of YouTube videos showing you somebody workout.  Translation?  You’ll be paying for free stuff.
  • Everybody (including me) will have a fitness membership site.  Some will be top notch and updated on a regular basis with high quality content.  Others will be a way to collect a monthly fee for nearly worthless drivel or a collection of free articles you can find anywhere on the web.
  • 2009 prices will be higher than 2008.  Almost everybody will be raising their prices even though it’s essentially the same information.  Some things will be worth it.  Others won’t.  Be sure to pay attention to money back guarantees.
  • ClickBank will be the top re-seller of any online fitness stuff.  They are a very good company with a stellar reputation.  Money back guarantees are a given and they always honor them.  As the consumer, it’s very difficult to be screwed over by them.
  • There will be LESS gyms and MORE fitness conscious people.  The January effect which typically makes your gym more crowded for a month or two will continue longer as there’s just less gym options.  Corporate Real Estate is expensive and cash is limited.  Making opening more gyms less likely as some major chains file for bankruptcy… again.
  • People will shy away from long sales pages about a product and be more open to Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts and other methods of learning about the fitness expert they follow.  You can hire a copywriter to write your sales pages and e-mails.  But it’s much harder to hide your true personality in a Web 2.0 world.
  • More of the same.  Whatever worked in 2008 for Six Pack Abs will still work in 2009.  If you have the tools from last year, then save some $$$ and break out the ebooks and vow to read them.  Follow them.  Get them printed if it makes it easier to read.  If this is the first year for you, then 2009 will be awesome as there’s lots of products to choose from that will fit your lifestyle and goals.
  • Tom Venuto’s The Body Fat Solution will be a success because it teaches principles and doesn’t use a topical gimmick or current fad or some latest discovery.

Let’s not get too carried away with peering into the Crystal Ball for 2009.  It’s going to be slightly different in some aspects but overall, more of the same.  More ways to distract you from your goals and several more ways to overload you with so much information that ultimately you will be as confused or more confused than when you started.

It’s all good.  Keep training and train harder in 2009 than you did in 2008 and the changes you want will come by default.


  1. Consistency
  2. Dedication
  3. Determination

That’s about the only secret to getting the body of your dreams.  Hard work applied consistently over a period of years and your friends will be asking you how you did it soon enough.

Here’s wishing you a better 2009 than 2008.


Marc C. David
The NoBull Muscle Guy

Update 1/2/2009: Everybody will have a bodybuilding teleseminar including and not limited to, one of my cats.  Where it will be a collection of decent information but then packaged up and sold to you in some MP3/CD set.  If you miss one, don’t worry there will be at least 5 other opportunities.

Update 1/2/2009: More and more parrots and mentions of how awful it is to do cardio workouts.  2008 could have been coined “I hate cardio!”  2009 will be the same except add the tag line of “and you should too!”