Combat the Fat: You Pick the Winner of The Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge

This seems to be the season of body transformation contests but what Jeff Anderson said that made it different, at least to my eyes and ears was when he said…

“This has by FAR been the best fitness experience of my life and I’m so proud of the 30 contestants (23 men and 7 women) who worked so hard to accomplish so much.” - Jeff Anderson

These guys are competing for $1000 CASH. The odds are pretty good for every single one of them. Somebody might be able to buy a tank of gas with that!

If you get a chance, pass this note around, tell people to vote.

See all the “before & after” transformations and cast YOUR vote…

So, what do you think?

5 Mass Building Tips Webinar Audio

The audio from the Jeff Anderson interview where he tells you his 5 mass building tips is below.

Lots of great content – more than an hours worth.  Just click to play and enjoy what Jeff has to teach about the importance of building muscle – and how easy the process has gotten.

The program he mentions is Advanced Mass Building.

Marc David

p.s. Yes, the offer I made and Jeff made on the call is still good.


If you already know him, you’ll know it’s the truth… and if you don’t, you’ll just have to trust me!

When it comes to anything about Muscle, my friend, Jeff “The Muscle Nerd” Anderson is the REAL deal!

Building muscle can be one of the most confusing and difficult tasks any bodybuilders facts. With hundreds of generic training programs to rip-off supplement companies selling billions of dollars worth of junk to consumers…

And Jeff Know How To Build Muscle.

At least that’s what I’ve always thought. I’ve used his Optimum Anabolics program several times in the past 2 years with wild success.

Jeff is the type of guy that’s always there.

Helping. Teaching. Entertaining.

Now Jeff wants to help you advanced bodybuilders EXPLODE your mass building success – in just 4 weeks doing a few hardcore workouts with some unique twists.

Advanced Mass Building is strictly about building MASSIVE amounts of MUSCLE…PERIOD!

Here’s what you’ll find in this F.R.E.E. Special Report:

1.) How to EAT to build mass…based upon your SPECIFIC “BODY TYPE”!

(One-size-fits-all nutrition plans are for “newbies”! Do you know the exact changes YOU need to make if you’re either a skinny Ectomorph, or “chubby”Endo?

2.) Which training frequency has been scientifically PROVEN to work better for building muscle: 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-DAY training routines?

(Hint: No matter how you answer, you’ll only be HALF RIGHT! I’ll fill you in on the OTHER HALF and why it’s one of the KEY GROWTH FACTORS if your goal is to really pack on some serious size.)

3.) The PROPER way to “cycle” your training to ELIMINATE no-growth “plateaus” once and for all!

4.) How the TIME OF DAY affects your ability to grow muscle (and the 2 EXACT TIMES you should target to pack on some insane mass!)

5.) The secret to awakening “dormant” muscle fibers that have never grown before…and kick them into “super-growth” mode for the gains of your life!

PLUS…there are a bunch of other KILLER “mass building” tips waiting for you!

This is an entirely NEW way of training that is going to absolutely BLOW YOU AWAY!

You will learn exactly how you can take your workouts to levels you never thought possible using advanced techniques.

Jeff just released his Advanced Mass Building. And being the guy he is, he’s priced them at less than 10% of their true value. See…

You’ll be getting a great deal just from his books alone.

But I’m Not Happy Just Giving You A Great Deal.

I love DELIGHTING my subscribers with more than that…

So I’m throwing in – not one – not three… but SIX extra bonuses + TWO special gifts – just for taking a look at this offer.

The Bonuses Include:

* 6 Ph.D. APPROVED MASS BUILDING MEAL PLANS – these are exclusive creations only accessible to my “NoBull Bodybuilding” customers, and have never been offered anywhere before – at any price. People who have used them were delighted. Some have gone to build so much muscle they are now competing in
bodybuilding shows.

At a conservative estimate, these meal plans are worth $97 or more. They contain the expertise of over 16 years of my bodybuilding wisdom doubled checked by nutritional experts. There’s a plan for everyone.

* fat loss, lean bodybuilder, mass builder, low cholesterol/low fat, wheat free, low fat vegetarian

But wait? Isn’t Jeff offering up meal plans? Sure but they are by Empowered Nutrition. I’m not impressed. So I’m upping the ante and offering you the…

Bugatti Veyron of mass building meal plans.

You can have them – for FREE.

… along with these special gifts (but only if you hurry – see below).

* Measure Your Progress (MYP) body tracking software. Tracking your progress is now easy when you input some simple measurements, you’ll know within seconds if you are building muscle and burning fat. Progress tracking is an essential and often overlooked component of any program. Not anymore.

* Prepare to Win – a complete step by step guide to getting ripped up and preparing for your first bodybuilding competition. If you wonder how those bodybuilders get the paper-thin look, no water retention and every muscle fiber is showing.. this book is for you. Advanced tactics for getting

But there’s a catch. And I know you’ll agree it’s reasonable.

Because these bonuses are very valuable, I can’t hold them for everyone. I’m sure over 500 people out of my list of 5,000 will be clamoring all over this offer – so I’m going to limit it only to the FIRST FIFTY to respond.


Oh, I almost forgot. What will you pay for this amazing deal?

How about $197? No?

Ok, then how about $97? Still too high?

Then shall we say $67?

You could be paying MUCH MORE than this – but I’m going to make you an offer you simply cannot refuse…

Get Jeff Anderson’s Advanced Mass Building
… for only $47

I told Jeff he was NUTS to be letting go of such a powerful information for this price.

( I’m throwing up my hands in surrender!)

Go ahead and take advantage of this deal. Visit his site below:

Then e-mail me with your receipt and I’ll slip the bonuses across.

Train hard and expect success,

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

P.S. - Jeff’s got another special surprise on his sales page – check it out now. And hurry if you want to be one of the first 50 to claim the special bonuses I’m throwing in with this deal! Go to

I’m off to do Week 1 – it has given me 2 new ideas and I can’t believe I’ll be in and out of the gym in roughly 20-25 minutes.

Photo of an advanced mass building bodybuilder by CelebMuscle. Used under a Creative Commons license.

Advanced Mass Building

Jeff Anderson has created a brand new program that launches to the masses on TUESDAY of next week (May 6th) @ 12:00 noon (Chicago Time).gain muscle mass

This program has been appropriately called…

…”Advanced Mass Building“!

The title pretty much says it all…and it really IS “ADVANCED”!

This is NOT a collection of “soup can curl” workouts…

…it’s NOT about “core training”…

…it’s NOT about “interval training”…

…it’s NOT about ANY kind of “foo-fooey” pansy workouts!

I did get myself an advanced copy and took a very detailed look at it while on the plane ride from Florida. I had a good 7 hours to go thru each page and the workouts. After doing a lot of Tom Venuto’s stuff and being a conisour of hard, intense, gut-busting workouts, I can without a doubt tell you…

Jeff’s got a killer combination here. Bring a stop-watch to the gym, a towel, some type of recovery drink as you’ll need it. He’s also promised me an interview on Friday, May 9th, 2008 where I’ll get to ask him detailed questions about his program.

I’m going to post some more specific details in the next day or so.

UPDATE: Be on the lookout from a message from me, Marc David about this Advanced Mass Building program from Jeff Anderson. I’m going to be including some very special bonus offers of my own just for people who take advantage of this offer thru me.

Sneak Peak: Visit Advanced Mass Building

Muscle Building Tips

Jeff Anderson, also known as the Muscle Nerd and creator of the Optimum Anabolics muscle building workouts, released a membership site with weekly videos, articles and the promise of advanced tips and tricks when it comes to building muscle.However, on this site you can grab a selection of meal plans and the ever popular, Anabolic Growth Tracker 5000 (AGT 5000) software. Tracking your progress just got easier.

  1. Bodybuilding meal plans
  2. AGT 5000 body tracking software

There’s no obligation for the free membership.

You can download the meal plans and the tracking software within minutes. No unlock codes or other teaser type tricks.

Screw All That “Bodybuilding 101″ B.S.

Jeff Anderson’s site is Live!

This is where he promised:

* FREE “Members-Only” Access To…
* Weekly Video Lessons
* LIVE Expert Personal Consulting
* FREE Tracking Software
* Detailed Menu Plans
* Monthly Free Giveaways

Go check it out for yourself at:

MP3 File

So, what do you think?

Mass Building Smack Down

Last night’s “Smack Down” competition was absolutely freakin’ unbelievable!

The 4 bodybuilding experts who took part had a BLAST cutting each other up!

And the mass-building tips? Well…you gotta hear them to believe them!

And fortunately, you CAN hear them because I now have the COMPLETE recording ready for you to listen to the replay and download the mp3.

Here’s what you’ll find in the recording:

* A KILLER strategy for taking your sorriest looking muscle group…and turning it into a real “head-turner” by doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what all the other “experts” tell you to do!

* A MIND-BLOWING “superset strategy” I promise you’ve NEVER heard of…and it will jack up your arms with an extra 1/4 inch of solid muscle in as little as 1 WEEK!

* Why “high volume” and “high intensity” training has become the most MISUNDERSTOOD mass-gaining strategy in bodybuilding…and how to REALLY use these strategies to pack on mass FAST!

* A Navy SEAL “combat conditioning” technique tweaked to become a SERIOUS mass-building “muscle-pumper” that will add a new level of excitement to ANY of your workouts!

(AND…it works ESPECIALLY well if you train with a partner!)

MP3 File