Flat Belly Diet

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008
They Did It To You Again!

They Did It To You Again!

Have you seen this new Flat Belly Diet by Prevention Magazine?  It’s all the rage.   Once again, a new breakthrough diet is taking the online and offline world by storm.  Somebody is making a freaking mint by doing what works.

Selling YOU another freaking diet!

Does it work?

I’m sure it does.  I’ve never done a bodybuilding nutrition plan or a workout program that didn’t work for some time.  But like anything else, we return to what we know and what we’re comfortable with in the end.  Diets don’t work long term.

See that 91% success rate?

That will be the FAILURE rate long term.  If you are going to claim a 91% success rate please provide 2 things:

  • a full list of everybody who you tracked
  • how long they did this

Typical Advertising Methods Used:

Lose 15 lbs in 32 days

Sounds amazing.  But 15 lbs of what?  Fat/Water/Muscle?  Can you even make that claim to the general population?  I too would like to lose fat but according to my last stats, I’ve only got 30 lbs to lose and that includes essential fat.

No Exercise Required

Great.  Another plan preaching that you too can lose all this nasty blubber without exercising.  Does this country need any more excuses to sit around doing nothing?   Look…

I’m sure it’s legit.  You can lose weight strictly thru diet alone.  But it’s NOT the right thing to do for your long-term health.  But it’s a selling point.  In my opinion it’s irresponsible to sell books this way but it works.  And people make money.

I’d be far richer myself if I’d just follow what all these plans do… sell what works and keep the yapper closed about the truths that people simply don’t want to hear.  It’s a flaw.  I kinda want to do the right thing.

Targets Unhealthy Belly Fat First

How so?  Your body burns fat from all over.  You can’t spot reduce.  How people store fat is slightly different from person to person.  Women tend to store it differently then men.  But I guess if you are selling a diet book called the Flat Belly Diet, you better target the belly fat first right?  Who gives a crap about proving that you just need to say it.  Nobody can prove you wrong.

Lose Up to 7 1/2 lbs and 5 3/4 inches in just 96 hours

Need I say more?  A specific number given to the general population without any facts.  If you lose 7 1/2 lbs in just 4 days, you have to ask yourself, what the hell are you losing?  If it’s water, big deal.  If it’s muscle, I feel sorry for you.

Did I buy this book before I opened my mouth?

No I did not.  I can already tell from the marketing pitches, the website design and the fact they used “As seen on Rachel Ray” which means it might have been used to prop up a table leg.. but hey.. it was seen on the show… that it’s just another diet book aimed at overweight Americans.

Will it work?

For some yes.  Please comment on a diet that hasn’t worked for some time.  They’re people still doing Atkin’s for years.  There’s always exceptions to the rule and if you like just eating right and never moving, maybe this book is for you.  But it won’t be any different from the 12 or so you’ve already got.

Why do people buy this stuff?

Because it’s new.  It’s not what they are doing today and it gives them hope.  It’s the same reason people have 20 books on making money and fail to save for their futures.  Buying another diet book won’t do a thing for you if you don’t follow thru and make a commitment to sticking with it.

Should you buy this book?

Nope.  Stay away from diets.  They do work in the short term.  You’d be better off joining a Fat Loss Support Community and asking questions and getting educated before purchasing yet another book aimed at mainstream America.

Not available anywhere else

Except Amazon.com for $17.  That beats the 4 installments at $7.99 from the site itself!  If you feel compelled to order it, then at least save yourself a few bucks.
Flat Belly Diet

Resource I Strongly Recommend:

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Of course,  I’d love to hear what youv’e got to say.