Hugo Rivera Interview: Part 2

Marc David’s interview with bodybuilding and muscle building expert Hugo Rivera continues (from part one). In part two you will learn the most important supplement of in a bodybuilding program, how often to change your routine, Hugo’s personal feeling on fat loss supplements, nutritional tracking and much much more.


Hugo Rivera Interview: Part 1

Hugo Rivera is the creator of the Body Re-Engineering system, one of the most documented and precise bodybuilding manuals available.  Hugo not only has over 18 years of personal experience in training himself but he is also a certified trainer and sports nutritionist. He also holds multiple natural bodybuilding competition titles, including a 4th placing at the NPC Team Universe, where only the elite champion natural bodybuilders from all over the country get to compete.  Hugo is also an internationally acclaimed author of the very success franchise of fitness books called “The Body Sculpting Bible.”   Hugo’s style of writing is very logical and extremely easy to follow; as Hugo’s background is in computer engineering.

In part one you will hear the latest scoop on full body workouts or split routines, or something in between?… Hugo’s reaction to being asked if he’s really all natural… the truth about your genetics and bodybuilding… Hugo’s training frequency… the biggest 5 nutritional blunders almost every bodybuilder is making or has made and more. This interview is packed with valuable info! Read this one in study mode for sure and then watch for part 2 coming soon!