Most Americans Know Their Diet Stinks

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
Photo Credit: Wheatfields

Photo Credit: Wheatfields

In the latest National Grocers Association’s 2009 Consumer Panel Survey, 66% of American consumers responded their diet could be healthier.

Roughly 16% of the 2,145 individuals asked by the NGA Consumer Survey gave a response that their diet “could be a lot healthier,” with 52% saying it would be “somewhat healthier.”

An astounding (at least to me) 24% said they took some type of supplement to improve their diets.

But the most interesting part of the NGA Survey?

70% of respondents claimed the internet to be their primary source of information!  But only 26% said they trusted what they found in regards to nutrition on the web.

View the survey in full here.

It makes perfect sense really.  I’ve know many people in my lifetime that admit to eating poorly.  They know they should eat better but they don’t.  Sometimes it’s lack of information.  Other times it might be they haven’t found something strong enough to motivate them to make a lifestyle change.  It can be a combination of both.

Everybody has their limits or when they hit “rock bottom” and sometime primal forces them to change.

Here is a list out a FEW of the experts I personally follow.  I use Google Reader and frequently share items.. No matter what you use or what you read, here’s my Top List of Fitness Experts that I read daily or whenever I see something new in their blogs.

Not sure what RSS is?  Read What is RSS

If you are going to get your information from the Internet like 70% of people do in the survey, make sure you are getting it form the right people.   There’s a lot of great information out there and there’s some really horrible advice.

While this is not an all inclusive list of every expert on the subject, it’s the people I turn to often and read what they have to say.

Who’s In My Blog Reader:


Lyle McDonald is a world renowned expert.  He’s a bit over the top for me at times but some of his work, like the Baseline Diet 2009 sums up about 250 pages of any good nutritional book.  I’ve found his posts to be incredibly useful.

Burn the Fat Blog

Tom Venuto is the fat loss guru.  He spends HOURS on his stuff, researching and writing and focusing on his core audience.  The guy is no-propaganda.  He’s not out to sell you on his latest fad diet or new fangled way of losing weight.  If he was the mainstream icon for fitness, maybe things would be different.  Maybe not.  In any case, worth reading.

Exercise Therapy

Carlos DeJesus, father of the Quad Blaster and bodybuidling pioneer is new to the scene.  Not the bodybuilding scene but blogging, etc.  He’s heavy on the thought process but if you understand what he’s getting at, you’ll know that the Experiment of One is all that matters.

Cranky Fitness

Provides more of a real-life, less technically approach to fitness.  Mixes it up with some humor.  A few swear words.  But not the typical bodybuilding approach that I’m so in tune with all the time.  Different approach to fitness that I preach but it’s nice information and not fanitical.

Diet Blog

If there’s a new story, they’re on it.  They find the latest mainstream stuff and comment quickly on it so that you can get some serious information quickly without falling prey to the bad information.  It’s a no-hype zone.  Short, sweet and to the point.


Mark is a nice guy who’s taking a low carb bodybuiding approach.  You might enjoy his receips and unique style of writing.  The video demonstration of exericses and his theory on Optimized Form is liken to Skip LaCour’s Controlled Cheating.  Interesting perspectives.  Training tips you can use.

The Brink Zone

Will Brink is the supplement guru. I don’t know why people don’t do more research when purchasing high end or expensive supplements.  Talk about why people have a low trust factor!  Truth be told, Will is more than just a supplement expert but he’s the 1st person I talk to on a professional level whenever I see some new fad come out and people start tossing money at hype.  Waxy Maize Craze?  New Creatine version?  Ask Will.

The Physique Formula

Jimmy Smith is from New York.  At least he sounds like it.  His vidoes are clever and he’s got that down to earth, healthy living, bodybuilding, lean physique lifestyle.  He’s not into doing crazy things but he gives off the appearance that in his youthful days (how old is Jimmy anyway?).  No matter, he’s got some good solid information to bring to the fitness world.


Another Tom Venuto site but this is geared towards the bodybuilding lovers.  Hardcore workouts, bodybuilding interviews.  A side of Tom that unless you subscribe to this blog, you’ll never know.  He’s a meathead from New Jersey that is old school.  He’s a fat loss expert for sure but he’s also a muscle building guru to boot.


Clever articles about fitness and bodybuilding.  Helpful things like reading a nutrition label down to utilizing dumbbells and doing various exercises.  Anything that keeps the workout from becoming stale.  Tips, tricks and helpful suggestions.


Nino doesn’t blog nearly enough but I like Nino.  He’s just a nice guy who gives no excuses.  I like following people who push themselves to their limits and try and help others.  Nino gives thru his unique posts.  You might find some real gems in his poetic style of writing.  He’s got to stop using the word “Gee” so much!  Just kidding Nino.  Be yourself.

Skip LaCour

No blog here but over 55 and counting radio shows.  You can call in, download episodes and get some SERIOUS tips from a bodybuidling expert.  Skip’s show is worth listening to as in 60 minutes you can pick out some real “ah-ha” moments.  Allows you to connect with an expert and ask your questions.  Take him up on the offer.

And that in a nutshell is what I have in my reader.  If I run across more, I’ll update this entry as appropriate.

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

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NoBull Bodybuilding Resources

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Marc David here with a list of my personal sites that I use to learn more about bodybuilding and fitness.  This is not a links directory.  This is my own list of mentors and resources that I use on a regular basis to achieve my goals.  Expect updates, no affiliate links and every changing resources.

While I like hundreds of sites, articles, fitness blogs and such… I don’t use them on a regular basis.  This is a short list of the resources that I turn to almost daily and use frequently.  That does not mean these are the only resources you can use!  But since I cannot use 100+ daily resources I’m showing you my personal Rolodex.

Please note the following:

These links DO NOT contain any affiliate links.  These links WILL open in a new window.

Marc David’s NoBull Quality Sites:


Tom Venuto -  I’ve know Tom since I first contacted him in 2003.  He’s been inspiration both personally and professionally.  He knows his stuff and filters out a lot of noise.  I followed his 100 days to competition blog to the letter and I used his workouts and such to motivate me to challenge myself.  Tom is on the East coast and refuses to visit me out there although he makes promises.  No matter, I feel like he’s my coach when I’m in the gym and he’s pushing me.

Skip LaCour – While not as mainstream at all the Internet Marketers out there, Skip is a championship natural bodybuilding with arguably the best podcast out there.  Does a weekly radio show chock full of information, with the ability to call in with questions and very little promotions.

Twitter Individuals I Follow:




Internet Forums and Community Support:

BurntheFatInnerCircle - Billed at the #1 fat loss support community, it truly is about the only site worth the money that I’ve found so far.  Lots of well written and exclusive articles.  Forum support.  Useful tools.  Under $10 bucks.

Bodybuilding Programs I Use:

Advanced Mass Building – An interesting twist on a lot of old age concepts by Jeff Anderson.  What I like about Jeff’s stuff is not the cartoonish images as much but how easy his programs are to follow.  They are built on the basics, use super sets which I like and require little gym time to complete.  My body responds to his selection of exercises and it makes it one less hurdle when I want a program and don’t have the time to design my own.

Optimum Anabolics – Another concept by J.A. designed earlier.  It’s like AMB above but is a little bit less advanced and progresses at a slower pace.  Which is ideal for 18+ week programs or individual who want a challenging program but need to step into it slowly.  Always a favorite and since it worked for me, I’ve still got it and use it in my mesocycles of training.

Cardio Programs I Use:

Cardio Coach – Sean O’Mally and I meet somewhere in 2006 if I recall.  He was working on some audio coaching series for cardio and I hated cardio workouts of any sort.  His programs have been the only thing I used and will continue to use when I need to boost the metabolism thru cardio workouts.  My weight training sessions are metabolic boosting enough but when I choose to do a cardio program, Sean will be my coach.

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