Exercises You Can Do while in Traffic

Nothing can be more frustrating than getting stuck in traffic. All that time seems simply wasted when you could be doing other things, such as hitting the gym. In fact reports indicate that the average American spends at least an hour each day in the car, and this can be a great deal more if traffic has you in a gridlock.

Although traffic jams will never be any less annoying, at least you can now find ways to make better use of this down time. While it may not be quite as effective as the hours you log in at the gym, you can at least get in a bit of a mini-workout right from your car. Not only can this help you retain that muscle you’ve worked so hard to earn but may even help you alleviate some of that stress you are feeling from being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.

Here are some simple toning solutions to shaping up from the driver’s seat, not to mention to help combat boredom.