Fat Loss and Muscle Gain for Baby Boomers

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Who’s going to take up the banner for the baby boomers and exercise for older adults?


This is sent in a positive tone, not mad.

When are one you famous internet fitness folks going to get smart and start a page just for fat loss and muscle gain for us baby boomers? We have our own special needs that are not the same as a 20 something. Like starting to take care of ourselves after being long time office rats. Our kids are going, we have money and time and are active.

*  how to progressively lift without hurting ourselves
*  how to build muscle even with hormone deficient bodies
*  nutrition for the over 50, including supplements beyond multivitamins
*  health conditions like diabetes to consider when lifting and changing your eating
(I’m a type 2 diabetic an needed to lose weight first before concentrating on muscle gain)

I changed my life by using protein power and weight training but it has been a laborious task sifting through all the available information to get what  fits my needs at 51.


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