Try Cardio Coach for Free?!

Cardio Coach Seekers … read the post below to get the latest update on how to get Volume 1 for free.


Seems the coupon code has “expired.”  I’ve contacted support a couple of times now for that site.  In the meantime, if you send me an email, or put a comment below, I’ll add you to the shared Dropbox account I am using to host the Full Volume of Cardio Coach Volume 1 as promised.  If you use Dropbox, you’ll just get an invite code from me and you’ll see the folder.  If not, sign up as it’s free anyway and you can store and share files.


I used to hate doing any cardio until I heard my first Volume of Cardio Coach.  In my experience with high intensity interval training, nothing beats it.  Sean O’Malley has been in my “ear” for years giving me tips and instruction and the motivation I needed to keep pushing and finish strong.

For a limited time, you can download Volume 1A at no charge!  This version has extensive coaching for first-time users.