Build Muscle Fast

Monday, January 12th, 2009
Tips to Build Muscle Fast

Tips to Build Muscle Fast

After purchasing an Iron Gym for a family member, I found the Nutrition Guide listed on page 9 of the very thin instruction manual that came with the product.

I laughed out loud at the bullet points!  They were so simple.  A few rules and some tips and now you were going to pack on dense thick muscle like never before.

After reading books over 250 pages on the subject and having written my own NoBull Bodybuilding System, it was silly to think somebody would benefit from tips so simple.   Then it hit me…

Those Stupid Bullet Points are the Nutrition Pillars of ALL of These Programs!

Thus… I’ll post them here in their unedited format and you can see that the #1 reason why people cannot gain healthy weight, build muscle is truly related to some of these tips.  Now I don’t agree with all of them but hear me out and take a look.

Eating Recommendations:

  • Eat at least six times a day
  • Make each meal count.  If you eat anything, consider it a meal
  • Eliminate any and all refined sugars and sweets
  • Reduce caffeine intake and increase water intake (should be half your body weight in ounces.) No Alcohol!
  • All heavy starches to be consumed by 1pm or 3rd meal of the day.  For example: bread, paste and rice.
  • 1 serving of protein should be consumed with every meal.  For example: (4-6 ounce piece is considered 1 serving).
  • Limit dairy intake to 1st or 2nd meal
  • All fruits should be consumed before 1pm.  No fruit juice!
  • Multi-vitamin everyday
  • Maximum amount of time between meals: 3 hours
  • Protein always first choice then carbohydrates to be added
  • Limit sugary condiments such as salad dressings
  • Meal replacement bars and shakes to be used if sugar free

Surprisingly enough.. this simple list that most of professionals would scoff at is similar information that any client would receive.  Now there’s some exceptions.  I could easily debate a few bullet points.  I would elaborate.  Next thing you’d have is 250 pages to read but in all honesty…

If I had followed these to the letter when I was younger, I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes.  I would obviously need to learn about calories and such but nutrition is such a big part of building muscle fast.

Nutrition is Numero Uno (or #1)

You can have a horrible training program but if your nutrition is impeccable, you will look better than some who have fantastic training programs and can’t get the nutrition part down.  If you have awful nutrition but a fantastic program, you cannot support the growth or the recovery with a poor nutrition plan.  And you can live a fine life with good nutrition and minimal exercise.

Before we start a huge debate, my point isn’t to say all books over 10 bullet points stink!  In fact, that’s not the case at all.  I only want to point out that with all the confusing information out there, if you can stick to the basics when it comes to nutrition and build upon it, you will be successful.

Why am I doing this?

Because there’s a fine line that separates those who know and those that don’t.  It’s my wish to help those who are confused as I was to get some fundamentals down and then learn on their own.   I only wish when I was younger somebody had at least told me the above that I could have written on a note card.  I wasn’t ready to read 250 pages or figure out calories and worry about macro-nutrient ratios.

But I would have responded to some short bullet points and then expanded upon those as I learned.

What You Can Learn From the Iron Gym

If you are already following the above give or take, most likely you are on the right path.  If you are not, you might be missing out on a critical nutrition pillar that can have you building muscle fast.  Maybe you are not eating enough?  Maybe you can’t stay away from processed and refined foods?  Maybe you drink later at night?

These simple bullet points seem stupid I know and I don’t agree with them all but generally speaking, they are quite sound and would benefit most.  Then you can learn at your own pace and adjust as necessary.

You start by following the basics and that’s how you build muscle fast.

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of the The NoBull Bodybuilding Program