How to Make Chocolate French Toast

As I wrap up these recipes I’m legally “stealing” from Metabolic Cooking.

We’ve already talked about Tuscan Chicken, Spicy Pork Chops, Blueberry Protein Pancakes and my all time favorite breakfast so far, Banana Split Oatmeal.  If you haven’t seen those, click any of the links and be taken to the step by step how make those meals.

This is Chocolate French Toast.  It’s a delicious, easy to make french toast recipe that will blow away all those boring dry oats in water with some protein powder.  Not that there’s anything wrong with cooking such meals but at some point, even the best of us snap.  We’ve driven insane or we drive our families insane with monotonous routine based planning.  This offers a unique way to fake like you are stepping outside the lines and lightening up when in fact, you are just making better tasting, more creative meals.

Do you have to be a bodybuilder to enjoy these?  Of course not.  You don’t need to be a chef either.  But there’s NO EXCUSES for not knowing what to make and there’s little to no reason to say you can’t cook.  You really need to step outside the comfort zone and try at least one if not all the these meals.  You will love them.  You will want more.  Excitement like this is hard to contain and it’s why I can bodybuild for twenty some years and not get bored.  Because I’m always trying to make it challenging while sticking to what works in accordance with my goals.

Chocolate French Toast:

Makes 1 Serving


• 3 egg whites
• ½ scoop chocolate protein powder
• 2 slices whole wheat bread
• Drop of maple extracts
• Pinch of cinnamon powder
• Pinch of stevia
• Cooking spray


1. Lightly coat skillet with cooking spray. Heat skillet on medium low heat. Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl (except for bread,cinnamon and stevia)
2. Dip both sides of the bread into mixture until completely covered, soak bread for a few seconds to insure absorption.
3. Add slices to preheated skillet, and cook each side brown until golden brown.
4. Light sprinkle stevia and cinnamon.

Quick Tip:
You can use whatever artificial sweeter you want or in my case, the protein powder I used, has sucrose in it and so there was no real need to make it sweeter.

Nutritional Facts:

(Per Serving)
• Calories: 315
• Protein: 33g
• Carbohydrates: 39g
• Fat: 3g

- marc david

How to Turn Boring Oats with 6 Steps into Muscle Building Banana Split Oatmeal

With a name like Banana Split Oatmeal, you have to think … kid-friendly.  But you’d be wrong!  This is yet another of one of many easy recipes from Metabolic Cooking.  When I made this today, I nearly fell off my chair it was to tasty.  I’ve had a few other anabolic type meals that are good but this takes the cake.  Nothing should taste this good unless it’s loaded with sugars and fats.

Frankly, I’m getting leaner eating this stuff oddly enough because it fits the nutrient profiles I’ve setup for my meal plans.

At this point, I’ve gotten a few emails asking me… “Marc, why are you GIVING these away?”

My answer is simple..

First, you cannot legally copyright a recipe in the United State of America.  You can copyright a secret ingredient, you can the exact wording but you can’t copyright a simple combination of foods.  Putting a banana into oatmeal is not a copyrightable action.  Loophole!

Second… because there’s about 200+ more of these in Metabolic Cooking!  Why hide them?  If I show you a few that are dropping me to my knees in awe, I can only hope you’ll catch onto my excitement and buy the book.  There’s no point in telling you how great these are, I’d rather you make a few I find to be exceptional and then discover for yourself that cooking can be easy and fun and delicious!

As I promised a Twitter friend, I will keep this simple and get to the point.

Banana Split Oatmeal:

Makes 1 Serving


• ½ cup oatmeal (quick or rolled)
• 1 scoop chocolate protein powder
• ½ cup skim milk
• Pinch of Stevia
• 1 banana, sliced
• 4 big strawberries, sliced
• 1 tablespoon Greek yogurt
• Water


1. In a big bowl, mix oatmeal with the milk and complete with water until it completely soaks the oatmeal.
2. Cook in a Microwave for about 1 minute – stir the mix , then microwave for another 1 minute.
3. Let the oatmeal cool down for about 3 minutes.
4. Add the chocolate protein powder, stir.
5. Stir in the banana and strawberry slices.
6. Top with the Greek yogurt and enjoy!

Quick Tip:
I used Vanilla flavored Greek yogurt.  It probably added some additional flavoring.  It wasn’t necessary for me to use any water.  The oats soaked perfectly and the consistency seemed fine to me.  If you want a bit more “liquid” or not as think, you may want to add in a little water.

Nutritional Facts:

(Per Serving)
• Calories: 334
• Protein: 37g
• Carbohydrates: 42g
• Fat: 2g

- Marc David

What’s Next?

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