The 5 Keys to Bullet Proof Abs

This is a guest post by Shane McGrotty of *Rep Fitness* He has been training in power lifting, Olympic lifting, and CrossFit for several years.

Everyone knows that to have visible abs, a good clean diet is absolutely essential to get rid of the fat covering them.  However, this article is about creating bullet proof abs, not flimsy beach abs.  The type of abs that are useful in sports, taking punches to the stomach, and that make for a strong core.  Having a strong core helps prevent back pain, so don’t skimp on regular abdominal work!


Dragon Flag

The Dragon Flag is arguably the best ab exercise and probably the most difficult one you can do. If you can do these in “good” form, you have core strength without a doubt. Popularized by Bruce Lee and sometimes referred to as the Rocky Ab Workout, this is one of the top three best ab bodyweight exercises you can do (the other two being the full hanging leg raise and the abs wheel roll out).

This should not be attempted by somebody who is just beginning. This is an advanced core exercise.  If you want to start building your ab core strength slowly, I suggest the classic abdominal plank which is the simpliest type of ab exercise to master or the reverse crunch.


Core Exercises for Men with the Abdominal Plank

core exercises for men

Can you do a 5 minute plank?

Core exercises for men can be summed up in just one word.  The plank!  So you think you can do a plank?  You think you have what it takes to do a 5 minute abdominal plank?  This may not be the most exciting abdominal exercise ever invented but it’s cheap, it’s easy (to do) and works practically anywhere.

Does the plank work for abs?


Ripped Abs Or the Abdominal Ripper?

This is an abs exercise that Nick Nilsson and Jeff Anderson just filmed that REALLY works your abs HARD!

Watch the video and it may appear that this is more of a chest/back exercise.

You’d be wrong!

Your abs do more than just look pretty on the beach…they actually have a function for your body (really?!).

While most people work their abdomen with exercises like situps and crunches, this abs exercise works your abs from a different angle…and use them in the way they were designed to move.

This is a KILLER abs exercise to add to your workout!