Should You Cycle Creatine?


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Creatine cycling means using creatine for a period of time, followed by not using creatine for a period of time. If you use creatine monohydrate, cycling is important because it gives your body a break, so that it can “normalize” and regain homeostasis.  While creatine is a naturally occurring nutrient, having highly elevated levels in your body for extended periods of time is not normal and can put extra stress on your organs.  Any creatine that is not absorbed by the body is converted into a byproduct known as creatinine. The kidneys are then responsible for removing this excess creatinine. Drinking lots of water is vital while taking creatine because it allows your kidneys to do their job.

The other reason for cycling creatine is that your body can be come used to it and it may become less effective. Essentially, you may build up a tolerance to creatine the same way you would to many other things. Most people do cycle creatine for these two reasons.

You can load creatine at the beginning of your cycle to get faster results if your are some body who is concerned with cutting short any benefits by cycling off. The creatine loading phase can help your achieve your goals faster.

A typical creatine cycle lasts anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Most people cycling creatine monohydrate will take between 5-10 grams per day, however taking as little as 2 grams per day will still be effective. Typically people will cycle off creatine for at least a month after a 4-8 week cycle. However, some people prefer to take breaks as short as 2 weeks. It is really a matter of personal preference. If you don’t cycle off creatine at all then I highly recommended getting your kidneys checked by your doctor a couple times per year to make sure they are still functioning properly. Cycling off creatine will help you avoid putting ant unnecessary stress on your kidneys.

Creatine monohydrate is a very powerful and effective bodybuilding supplement that can help you reach your goals. I highly recommend cycling creatine monohydate to be safe. By not cycling creatine you are not guaranteed better results but you will put unnecessary stress on your body.

John McKiernan is a personal trainer who enjoys researching information on bodybuilding, supplements, diets, health tips, the benefits of creatine and more. He is the owner of where he shares knowledge and advice about popular bodybuilding and health supplements.

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