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Tren Xtreme by American Cellular Labs.

Does Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) work for weight loss?

I just bought monster milk. I see that is has the ingredient glycocytamine. Is that dangerous?

What is the best supplement for gaining weight?

Will Monster Milk cause you to break out?

Can drinking a protein shake aid in the recovery process?

RTDs (ready to drink protein shakes): What is it that makes them not spoil on the shelf? Do they COOK them? If so, what does that do to the protein quality (protein denaturation, etc)?

Just wanted to warn any body builders who plan on taking tren products. My husband took tren 2 extreme for 4 months. He is having all kinds of complications…Jaundice, extreme weight loss, enlarged liver, bile ducts not functioning properly. He is now seeing a GI specialist, not sure they know what to do yet. Wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them from this horrible product?

Hello Marc,I've been doing bodybuilding since four months and now I've bought following supplements.1: Elite Whey Protein Isolate2: Superior Amino Acid 2222 Tablets Could you please recommend me their daily dosage?I shall be very thankful to you!!

Dear Marc DavidThank you very much your very informative newsletter. I have a question. Everybody advice usage of whey protein or isolate whey protein before and after workout. These protein refined protein it is absorbed from GIS very quickly. Is it really helpfull for lean body formation. Do you advice to stop taking it during the fat loss period.What do you thing about DHEA for muscle buildingSincerely yoursCem Mat

Dear Marc,I have been working out for around 2 and a half months now and have seen some results. I've been working out 5-6 days a week, 3 consistent weight training days and 2-3 cardio/abs days a week. I want to start taking a supplement to help improve a little and was thinking of using a whey protein supplement. I was thinking of taking the supplement 3 days a week post workout and I want to know if that will really help or i'll just be wasting my money.

Hi Marc! I want to know can i take weight gainer and and whey protein and should i continue gyming duriner their use.

Can You Help Me Convince My Parents Supplements are Safe?

Hi Marc ,Big fan ! I am from India & a have just started with bodybuilding .I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian .I am around 85kgs so based on my daily protein intake I should take around 170gms of protein but the whole problem starts here only .As I am a vegetarian I am finding it very difficult to fulfill that criteria on a daily basis .Now I am not averse to whey protein but here in india the brands like ON, Ultimate etc are very costly .I am trapped in this dilemma of whether I will be able to built muscle or not .This concern is always there at the back of my mind .So please help me out !

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