Should I train differently if I’m older?


I’ve got two questions I’ve never received a knowlegable response to:

1)What effect does being 61 yrs of age have on training, expectations, etc.?

2) What percentage of calories consumed are actually absorbed by the body? Does exercise affect this percentage?….in a 61 year old body?




Great question and it’s simple really.

No you shouldn’t train any differently! If you are healthy, then you should engage in the same training anybody else would for a particular goal. Now granted, the weight you use might be different depending on your strenght but I’ve seen plenty of older gentlemen, 61+, doing deadlifts and squats with more weight and in better form then many younger people.

As far as training goes, you just do the same things. You can do super-sets, drop sets, rest pause.. whatever.

The main difference is recover times.

As you get older, your recovery time is longer and hence, it takes longer for you to recover from a workout to be able to do it again. So you might have to be smart in how you workout and not just do marathon sessions (which I wouldn’t advise anyway).

As far as nutrition goes (calories), you again do the same thing. Taking into account metabolism and activity levels for an older person.

But you still need to do the same calculations.

It’s quite possible to build muscle at age 61. It will be harder but it can be done and many people prove it every day.

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