There are too Many Fat Kids in America

This is a guest post by Mark Etinger

There are too Many Fat Kids in America

Is it me, or are there too many fat kids America? It is not me: there are in fact too many overweight children in this country. The problems are clear, a mutli-billion dollar a year fast food industry, a lack of healthy options for marginalized communities, and a general societal disdain for green foods. These are all things that can, however, change with time.

The biggest culprit in all this is the American fast food industry. Think of them as the witch fattening your children prior to devouring them alive. Walk down the street in any major city, drive along any major highway, or take a look around a strip mall. All you will see is fast food restaurants. Most of these restaurants have NO healthy options. Have you ordered a salad at McDonalds? It’s some wilted lettuce with about 8 ounces of ranch dressing, half a fried chicken, and 5 strips of bacon. I would take my chances smoking a crack pipe or putting a needle in my arm before I ate that.

The lack of wholesome foods on fast food menus is alarming to say the least. They take unhealthy food, genetically modify it and put other bizarre chemicals in it that make it more addictive (humans naturally have a drive to seek out fatty foods). I bet that needle is sounding like a pretty safe bet right about now.

Any and all right minded parents should forbid their children from polluting their young bodies with garbage that is fast food. The war on fast food must be won at home. Parents need to prepare fresh, wholesome foods for their kids to eat. Developing a taste for green foods early in life is a great way to stay healthy and develop good eating habits. Unlike fast food all natural food won’t rot your body from within while simultaneously ruining the earth.

Another problem is the most at risk communities for obesity, such as urban, poor, minorities have the least access to fresh foods. The government needs to intervene to make all natural food more available to these communities and keep the fast food restaurants away. Parents should also be educated about the dangers of fast food.

These chubby little kids we see running around will grow into fat unhealthy adults. Who do you think is going to foot the bill for all their future health problems? I can tell you who certainly will not be footing the bill, the fast food industry.

Gourmet Guru has plenty of green foods. They also have farm to table all natural food. That’s why the slogan is “Helping make the world a better palce to eat, naturally, since 1996.”

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