The #1 Difference Between Free and Paid Information. It’s Not Just the Price.

Time and time again I see the discussion about free content, free bodybuilding forums, free meal plans, and how you can learn everything you need to know about building muscle or burning fat without paying a dime. In most cases, people are missing the boat on the most important point. When it comes to free, it’s not the price that’s crucial.

Most people think if you offer someone a free service, they’ll take it because the price is zero, right? Well, not exactly. In the real world, there’s another equally important concept: time.   It can be defined by the number of steps it takes to do something or learn a new idea. The more steps, the higher the cost of the product/service.

Free Information, But With a Catch

Let’s take a classic bodybuilding forum analogy. Many followers of the economy of free say: if you give information for free, there’s no reason to waste money purchasing essentially free information. But this criticism doesn’t take into account the number of steps required to learn and comprehend the information from a credible source (which is a very important and often overlooked aspect.)

So, the real analogy would be this: if you offer information for free, but anyone who wants to learn has to filter out the garbage, and somehow determine on their own the credible information, many people will simply pay for the information.

I once saw a post on a forum that shall remain nameless that said:

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle – everyone please read this!

“I ran across this super hyped, overpriced book and immediately thought to myself, (Bleep) the bros at (unnamed forum) could easily fill in all these “super-secret, mystery” questions that the $37 book is supposed to answer. I thought this might be a fun exercise. Let’s answer all the mystery questions right here on this thread.”

And that’s when I started laughing!

First, $39 is hardly overpriced for the #1 nutritional reference on the Internet today.  And to top that off, it is written so the average person can understand it and actually use it.  It’s not some techie science manual that is so hard to read, you can’t even start the program because the smoke is so thick.  This isn’t a smoke a mirror tricks folks.  This is the real deal.  I have the book.  Printed.  In a binder.

Second, there are never any claims of super-secrets.  It’s just the facts presented in logical order.  It’s much like nutrition.  It’s common sense right?  If that is so, then why is the U.S. facing a 65% obesity rating?  I guess it’s not so common.  It’s not super-secret but it is a very good manual with step by step instructions on how to eat right.

Third, if the person who posted “supposed to answer” had read it, they would know the book *does* answer the questions above.

And finally, I guess if you want to spend your life on a forum, reading post after post by unknown, unproven individuals who have no credentials that you can verify to back up their claims, then sure, you can probably find all the information in this book on the Internet.  And if you want to spend a year doing the research on your own to save $39, then I guess your time isn’t worth that much.

If you don’t have a basic understanding of nutrition (and I don’t mean the food pyramid) then this eBook will be the BEST $39 you ever spent in your life.

You need to understand that the key issue is not the price. It’s one piece of the puzzle; but there is also ease of use, the quality of the information being presented and the time it takes to learn something and put the concepts into action.

I’ve spent my entire career wading through the conflicting information, testing and retesting theories and their accompanying systems. I’ve gone the distance for my own benefit and for my clients, and I can tell you without a doubt that it’s very rare that program comes along that so fully resonates with me that I just cannot keep my mouth shut about it. I’m writing today to tell you about one such system called Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle. I invested in this system back in 2003 and haven’t once regretted that decision. In fact, to this day, I still go back and reference it for motivation, nutrition, and fat loss information. Burn the Fat has earned a special place for me as a professional, and I fully support it.

Marc David
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”

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