Don’t Lie About Improving Your Sex Life!

See You in 25 Bob

Smiling Bob Gets a 25 Year Jail Sentence

While I’m not a fan of lying, cheating or scamming in any way when it comes to supplements, I’m always intrigued that the playing field isn’t level.

It’s perfectly fine to make up some new Creatine molecule structure (CE3)or tell people they can gain 20 lbs of solid muscle in 4 weeks using this product.  Or maybe that a new weight loss supplement taps into your body and burns fat without changing your diet or increasing exercise.

In a nutshell…

Message here is that it’s bad enough if you lie about your products potential for weight loss or muscle building, but don’t you dare lie about improving sex life!


Marc C. David

P.S. - If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the last few months, I can assure you I’m alive and well.  There’s a new NoBull Bodybuilding membership site in the works!

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