My Problem with Will Brink

Will Brink

Will Brink - author, columnist and industry consultant

The guy you see above is Will Brink.  And my problem with him is pretty simple.  He writes too many articles about my industry (health and fitness) with LINKS to resources.  That is very annoying because I like to get my information from sources that are experts but don’t need to bother with any references to the claims they make.

An Example E-mail I Received Today:

“When civilizations such as the Mayans and Native Americans changed their diet to a corn-based one, rates of anemia, arthritis, rickets, and osteoporosis skyrocketed.”

Now that is what I want!  A controversial claim without those annoying links to studies or further references.  I mean, it might be true but I don’t want to be bothered with any investigation on my own.   This comes from a trusted source and that’s good enough for me!

Back to Will Brink …. he released his Sports Supplement Bible today.  Once again, a book jam packed with research and then links to various studies.  Really annoying Will!  

When I look for supplement advice, I just want my guru to say “Creatine is a steroid.”  And leave it at that.  I can deal with that.  But when you make a statement and then link to 10 or more studies that back up that claim so I could technically do some due diligence … that puts the BALL IN MY COURT.

The K.I.S.S. Principle

In high school, one of my English teachers used to say that you should use the K.I.S.S. principle when writing.  Keep it Simple Stupid!  That’s how I like my investment advice, my doctor and my fitness gurus to communicate with me.

Just tell me high glycemic carbs will make me fat.  Or that sugar is the silent killer.  I really dig it when I’m told bread (wheat products) can cause one to feel lethargic, foggy, groggy, puffy and bloated, and irritable.   Or that eating carbs later at night is the worst thing I can do.  It’s simple for me to digest that.

So thanks a lot Will for creating yet another book, the Sports Supplement Bible and making statements about the supplements I take with links to relevant research.  Thanks for making me think.

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Choices?  There you go again Will.

Marc David – CPT
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of NoBull Bodybuilding

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