Man in the Mirror

I had to laugh the other day at myself because I’ve been asked many times..

“Are you going to compete?” or “Are you looking at yourself in the mirror again!  That’s so vain!” 

And my answer is always no.. I see no reason to. I don’t have the bug to step on stage.   And I don’t consider my “glances” at myself to be vain but I’ve never found the words to describe why I do it until now.

But the funny thing is.. every time I walk by a mirror (I’m certain men will agree with me) I check myself out.

  • I look flat today!
  • My arms looked a bit smaller.
  • Is my right leg bigger than my left?
  • Am I bigger now than last year?

I step on my virtual stage several times a week. I’m always competing and being judged by somebody who never gives me 1st place! Myself!

So in essence, it’s laughable to think you won’t step on stage because if you have a mirror in your house or ever see a reflection, you are always being judged.

In fact, I’d say I’ve been in thousands of single competitor bodybuilding competitions.

“The average person – uninformed about the art, science and sport of bodybuilding – recreational or competitive – would call that checking your physique out in the mirror, vain.  Or at least strange.”~ Tom Venuto; Author of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Arnold in Pumping Iron

ARNOLD:  Good bodybuilders have the same mind…when it comes to sculpting, that a sculptor has. lf you analyze it, you look in the mirror and you say: ”l need more deltoids, more shoulders,” so you get the proportions right. So what you do is you exercise… and put those deltoids on. Whereas an artist would just slap on some clay on each side….Does it, maybe, the easier way.

We go through a harder way…because you have to do it on a human body. l mean, obviously a lot of people look at you… and they think it’s kind of strange, what you’re doing. But those are the people who don’t know much about it.

As soon as you find out what the whole thing is about… then it’s just like any other thing. lt’s not any stranger as going into a car… and trying to go in a quarter mile, five seconds. l mean, that’s, for me, strange.

Marc David – CPT
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of NoBull Bodybuilding

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