Metabolic Cooking – Fitness Pros Speak

Truth be told, I got so busy cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner plus some snacks from Metabolic Cooking that I did not bother to record a video, do a podcast or any of the more traditional multi-media things I normally do.  I just ran out of time as this book came out before I had a chance to do everything I wanted to do.  I’m a perfectionist in some regards and that’s a weakness when it comes to speed.

Anyway, who better to tell you than two top notch fitness pros (besides myself) than American Fitness Pro Kim Lyons and her bodybuilding husband Günter Schlierkamp (Mr. Olympia).

Resource: Metabolic Cooking

- marc david

P.S. - I’ve made as many recipes as I could and I’ve not even put a dent in this yet!  So many more to go.

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