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Introducing the New and Improved NoBull Bodybuilding Secrets Live blog!

What seemed like MONTHS of design and work, turned out to be a really nice adventure in artwork.  Now I’m 100% aware that how a blog looks is not the main focus.  CONTENT is as my friend keeps pointing out.  And while I agree, I needed to re-design this blog frankly because I needed to re-design myself and re-discover my voice.

What do you think of the new design?  

My intention was to have a layout that helps you find the content you need quickly and to get more videos and podcasts out in a timely fashion.

Please leave your opinion below.

Train Smarter, Not Harder,

Marc David – CPT
“The NoBull Muscle Guy”
Author of NoBull Bodybuilding

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12 Responses to "Back with a Vengence"

  1. Talon:
    November 23, 2011 03:48 pm

    I’m really excited to hear that you are making podcasts again Marc. Your podcasts helped me change my life and take control of my body. I owe you more than a comment on your blog but maybe other people will see this and be inspired to follow you.

    Thank you for everything Marc, you saved my life.

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  2. David Violette:
    November 23, 2011 04:09 pm

    Certainly looks very concise with a wide variety of topics and information. Has a professional look minus all the graphic intensive advertising common to a lot of other sites. Nicely done!

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  3. Wes:
    November 23, 2011 04:17 pm

    Lovin it Mark! Does a great job of showcasing your brand and your ebook. Love all the little customisations, sets it apart from every other blog out there.
    - Wes

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  4. Sarah Hougen:
    November 23, 2011 04:30 pm

    You’re right in that content is the main ingredient in a good blog – however, the design and accessibility is what brings people back to it. If you have the best information available out there, but the access is too complicated or confusing, you won’t get any traffic. I know, I’ve left a few sites for that reason :)

    This looks good – clean lines, no colour overload, easily identifiable tabs … nice job :)

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  5. Rajat:
    November 23, 2011 06:36 pm

    really nice blog…:)

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  6. Mike Mahony:
    November 23, 2011 08:16 pm

    It looks great man! Nice job.

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  7. Farid Kerba:
    November 24, 2011 06:05 am

    Dear Marc, salute from Lebanon, long time since my first “concrete” email, your website is very good, as a graphic designer’s view, there are very little additions that aren’t that essential but can enhance the view: on the right: one of the red boxes has the text almost touching the sides, the red bix can still be widened ( only to give visual space). When I first entered the page it was the red colors that strike more than the black, I love red it’s authoritative, two things to change if you want, that’s only an opinion, to enhance the visuals authority of some essential elements: the bull logo is gorgeous, the networking bar ( in red: find me on…) try to put it as a footer near the credits it’s better, or even better you can also take them in two rows in the same box on right under the searching white bar, they’ll make continuity with the reds on right panel. The podcast on the right us already in black it’s a continuity in the flow of the header ( menus) u can also if you want put it in the right under the header. These are only options coming from my experience, overall it’s visually attractive, brute, straight to the point. Nicely done. Good luck to our Bodybuilding Teacher, Marc. Thank you. Sincerely, Farid

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  8. Beverly:
    November 25, 2011 12:11 am

    Looks great! Nice and clean, easily accessible. Ya done good!

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  9. musclebyjohn:
    November 26, 2011 11:50 pm

    oh…could not see the password code, but girl friend saved the day!
    I am old…but have 40 years in various gyms through out the world.
    Wrote articles for Robert Kennedy (Musclemag inter) when it was a three page publication.
    Getting down to the “Bare Bones”
    Along with terms like, Grass Roots, the Basics, Ground Zero, etc, Bare Bones is significant to the cause of growing muscle.
    But Why?
    I will refer you to the Medical term, “Skeletal Muscles”.
    The reason why muscles grow is directly due to the Impact your excersie program has on your skeleton.
    Keeping in mind, that your muscles are ALL ATTACHED TO IT in a functionally engineered way.
    Each muscle group moves the respective bones OR GROUPS OF BONES in your body.
    And so now we can begin to understand the important relationship between bones and muscles.
    They are CONNECTED!
    For the most part, we are actually trainng our skeleton, and as a direct result, this stimulates muscles to grow ACCCORDINGLY.
    ACCORDINGLY is the key factor.
    Here’s an example: THE BASICS!
    The “Bone Crushing Affects” of Basic Military Presses, ie heavy Squats, Dead Lift, Shoulder and Bench Barbell work actually create “Hairline Fractures in the skeletal Bones on the surfaces.
    Medical science has Proven, that if a Bone is broken, it will never break in the same place again.
    Because it becomes stronger and thicker at the break area.
    Hairline fractures will cause the entire surface of the bones to strengthen and thicken.
    The primary reason we seem to gain “Body Weight” is because of the skelatal Bone increase!
    I am five feet nine inches, ripped and weigh 250lbs.
    Simply because I use the Basic Military Lifts regularly (I can discuss schedule if someone asks)
    And so. NATURALLY, if bones are growing, then tendons and connective tissue is growing and your muscles are attached to this connective tissue.
    Fancy, quik fix” diets or training techniques may change the shape of your muscle, but most ISOLATION MOVEMENTS Do Not stress the skeleton all that much.
    so…Doing the Dead Lifts and Real squats not leg presses IS the only way to acieve, “SUPER MASS” with regards to training.
    Secondly and equally as important, is nourishment.
    I have a policy, if you way 200lbs and you want to weigh 400 lbs, you will HAVE TO EAT TWICE AS MUCH!
    You can not gain weight and lose weight at the same time.
    The premise that you CAN, does not Compute. (unless you are using anabolics)
    Thirdly and equally as important as Training and nutrition, is Proper Rest.
    This must include a STRESS FREE rest period.
    All three MUST BE PROPORTIONATE EQUALLY and in 100% check, all the time or you will Not increase your muscle mass to your potential. it’s that Simple.
    and that’s why your haven’t been able to and all those fancy diets and techniques of lifting have wasted years of your life in frustration and failure.
    My nutrition regimine is ground breaking and produces dramatic results.
    It’s called, “Nutritional Stacking”. ask me about it.
    PS. it will be impossible to move from your work out that is failing you, directly into mine.
    Undoing all the “Bad Haabits and incorrect training you have done for so many years, takes a lot of time.
    It would be like teaching you to speak Arabic, when the only language you speak is English.
    for more…

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    1. musclebyjohn:
      November 27, 2011 08:05 pm

      “Train Smarter not Harder” I read a lot of BB websites, mostly for the entertainment value, Like most of u, I ;like a good laugh from time to time!!
      But when I saw those wise words, well I continued to read and write and return.
      Marc helped me comprehend the Password / Code thing, I am older and have computer allergies, that cause moments of deep deppression and gas.
      But I do want you all to know, that Marc is a really great guy, and the cheque is in the mail.
      Peaking your bi-cep.
      As I look aound the gym, most guys are NOT using the “Outer Bicep Poirtion in their training, this area of the bicep will add to the peak as it lies under the inner bicep and actually “Jacks it up like a car jack, if trained properly.
      I start out with lots of reverse curls – hammer curls lots and lots….Day one.
      day two Bicep; palms up work…
      Twisting your wrists will only bulge the bicep out towards the wall as you pose it Double bicep shot.
      This is Not the direction that you want for peak, PEAK bulges UP towards to ceiling…
      keep in mind that you are a Natural no drugs, bicep is small in comparison, but can take a thrashing, I will only do my bicep on any training day that involves bicep.
      I want everything my body has got to go to the bicep area, not sharing it with legs or back etc!
      When the body senses that the bicep is “On it’s own” the body will afford all the hormones and healing to it.
      you r a natural, and must concede that this does not limit you, but DEMANDS SMART!!
      Your back will thank you when your bicep gets so big that you break the lat machine!!

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  10. musclebyjohn:
    November 27, 2011 07:28 pm

    A Natural Body Builder needs to SEND a CLEAR MESSAGE TO THE MUSCLE IN USE.
    multiple applications of various techniques applied to a muscle during a training session.
    ex. standing barbell – preacher curl – incline curl – concentration curl etc, all sounds like a great idea, but as most have experienced, yeilds very little growth.
    In one’s thoughts, one would tend to say; “I don’t understand it, I am hitting that muscle from every angle??” But the Reality for the Natural BB is that you are applying a little bit of everything and as a result you get “A Little Bit of Everything”.
    In fact, if you knew that long before you had finished doing ALL these separate techniques, your muscle had forgotten what you really wanted it to do.
    We all believe in the, “Mind in the Muscle” but forget the muscle for the Natural, has a very short Attention Span.
    It would be like sitting a two year old child down and giving him or her a puzzle to assemble, but before the child had a chance to finish it, you gave him another andd then another, you get what I am saying…
    I have learned, that this is true and so I suggest that on your bi-cep day (for example) you choose ONE METHOD or TECHNIQUE, apply it taking long rest periods between sets (see my last entry on resting muscle between sets)
    On your next Bi-cep day, choose another etc.
    Pouring your whole concentration into that movement.
    This Will increase your focus and get your out of the gym a lot sooner.
    Most of us are CONCERNED about TIME, that’s why we take shorter rests, this new method will solve this problem…
    AND….The muscle in question WILL GET A CLEAR MESSAGE as to what this particular technique is asking of it.
    We are Not training our muscles as mucvh as we are TEACHING THEM.
    Training comes and goes with maintenance, TEACHING STAY WITH US!!

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  11. musclebyjohn:
    November 30, 2011 04:47 am

    Outer bicep / Inner bicep.
    Physiologically, the Outer bicep is the muscle that raises the forearm up and assists in it’s lowering.
    The Inner bicep, (the one you see when you look in the mirror) soul purpose is the “SUPINATE” or rotate the forearm and wrist.
    This is why the rotating of the wrist in a dumbell curl move causes a deeper burn.
    Granted, the inner bicep is for the most part a bigger muscle compared to the outer.
    But that has more to do with the way humans execute arm movements in daily life.
    A suuficiently trained outer bicep will produce twice of even three times as much power and it’s counter part.
    But most novice or poorly informed Body Builders are so intrigued with the palms up barbell and dumbell work because of the media association to them, that very little training is applied to the outer.
    I deliberately train my outer first doing multiple sets of reverse / into hammer curls multiple sets.
    Then I will use the rotating wrist and preach bench to finish the inner.
    The outer bicep lays underneath the inner one need only look at a world champions arm in repose from the side.
    You will see the separation of the two muscles clearly.
    The outer arm will appear super natural, when the outer bicep is train completely.
    Most of our posing does not allow us to see what our bicep development looks like from behind.
    Therefore, it escapes our conciousness. (out of sight out of mind)
    It must be understood that IF both bicep muscles are Noty trained in unison. Peak will be elusive.
    I see a lot of Peaky biceps sported by gguys who are genetically disposed to the phenomenon.
    But…on the tape measure, the have no thickness or volume in the upper arm.
    Their arm is like a side view of a piece of paper.
    Facing the mirror is one thing, standing the podium is another.
    We want to appear awesome from every angle, side way, from behind etc.
    You can not walk down the beach doing a double bicep shot all day!
    If you did then some sea gull might pose you down.
    You may feel that reverse and hammer moves burn in the upper forearm.
    Well that’s where they are attached and THAT’S WHERE THEY BEGIN TO GROW FROM!
    Naturally that’s where you will feel it first when they are neglected.
    Dead lifts and wide grip chins also stretch and work outer bicep. (palms down / palms away)respectively.
    I always do deads palms down when I finish bicep work.
    Suspending super heavy weight will bun the biceps into new growth especially after a brisk bicep work out.
    Leaning back to feel the bicep stretch and burn, holding for 15 – 20 seconds per.
    What ever muscle you are working on any given day, must be posed over and over again, this helps the body “CALL OUT” the muscle, most people do not pose their muscles and most gyms do not appreciate it….
    Find a gym the has front and rear mirrors and that encourages posing.
    Tuck your thumbs under your fingers when shooting a double.
    I learned this from Mr. Mexico / Mr Acapulco in 2008, when I trained for eight weeks for a Mr Acapulco (50 year of age plus age group)
    I won and got best chest, calves, Back, Legs, my abs needed another month of diet,
    I weighed in at 235 posed and weighed out at 229.
    Posing squeezes out water and the more you pose, the faster you will get ripped for the nite judging.

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