Premium Podcasting is Coming…

After 62 episodes and basically ‘giving away the store’…

I’m at a cross roads in my business venture.

The Uncensored Bodybuilding and Fitness podcast is going PREMIUM!

Here’s my reasons:

* I love doing them
* It’s fun
* It’s costing me

As with most things, a hobby can be a drag for one if they can’t make it at least break even.

We all have bills right? So I’m not going to give anybody on DB a sob story. I’m just saying that I’m a nice guy but not so nice that I want a $100.00 hosting bill waived in my face every month as this thing spirals out of control.

What does that mean?

It simply means that at some point the podcasts will continue but not in their current format.

It means that I’ll make some announcements soon that those who are interested and have liked the free version, can subscribe.

Those who like it, will get a first opportunity to get this deal at $3.00 a month.

Yes. $3.00. And that’s grandfathered.

Meaning that when I change that to $10.00 and then ultimately $17.00. There will be people who will get unlimited podcasting service until they cancel.

While others pay $17.00 for the same content, the early adopters will get a massive discount.

Why do this?

Why not.

As it gets more popular, I will adjust as necessary.

Stay tuned… and thanks very much to those that do listen and get something out of it.

P.S. I’ve already been told this will fail by my close friends. Maybe so. But what I consider to be a bigger failure is if I have to quit doing these things entirely after all the great notes I’ve received from very kind listeners.

I owe it to them and myself to see if it works.

What won’t work is doing it without being able to at least re-coup my bandwidth charges.

I’m going to give this an honest 110% shot. I hope a few of you will join me.

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