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If you could only pick one or the other, which person would you choose to reach your stated goals?

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  • http://www.mikesbodyshop.biz Mike

    Any good personal trainer would be a nutritional expert, esp. if they are world renowned. I am a personal trainer with type 1 diabetes and I always integrate nutrition into my fitness plans. It's not competition, about who can grow largest in bodybuilding, it's how can I reach my very best body, given my personal limit and parameters of fitness: physical, psychological, mental, and spiritual. That's what I aim for in my business. Most people have a very limited cview of fitness, in my opinion.

  • http://www.bodyspace.com/msfitness msfitness

    I don't think you can just eat your way to a better body myself. Obviously diet is important, but you have to have the physical training as well

  • Munwar

    The nutritionist is the right person for the job. Why?Well b/c they know exactly what to put into your body and when. Exercising is only a small part of sculpting a muscular body, eating right is a major part.

  • Axisdude

    “Any good personal trainer would be a nutritional expert”… well, this one says it all!

  • http://www.nrgboost.nl/stackers.php SaSh

    I totally agree with Munwar…your diet is 80% of your body transformation. Even if you exercise with less knowledge, you'll see some results in the end. Just because of the excellent nutrition advice.

  • http://www.thefatburningmachineblog.com Mike

    I would hire the personal trainer becuase if I was able to add alot of muscle, the fat burning would be that much easier.

  • Melissa

    I'd like to think I'm resourceful and creative enough to continually challenge myself in the gym so I'd hire the nutritional expert. That's my area of weakness. But I agree that a top trainer should be well-versed in nutrition. I'm working to correct that myself.

  • http://www.moegoofie.com Greg

    It's not that I know what a world-Renowned Personal Trainer knows,but I can see what my lifting/cycling training does for my body. It's what to eat, when to eat it and how to avoid the crap that I need the major help with.

  • K

    u can work out 3 times a week and see solid results but you need to eat properlly EVERYDAY to see gains

  • Farid

    world renowned personal trainer because he must be a nutritionist expert in some ways but a nutritionist is only a nutritionist expert.

  • maximumbody

    I am already a great personal trainer and feel that nutrition plays a much bigger part than actually
    the exercise.. I have bodybuilded for years and know that when dieting good and eating clean my lean muscle starts getting striated and ripped… there is nothing better than salmon salad with diet lemonade…

  • Kwende I Madu

    Training is paramount it doesn't matter what you eat if your not doing the exercises its' a moot point!!!

  • Kwende I Madu

    Training is paramount it doesn't matter what you eat if your not doing the exercises its' a moot point!!!