Top 6 Muscle Building Tips

Muscle Building Tips the Top 6 by guest author and Metabolic Masterpiece author, Scott Tousignant.

Are you struggling to gain muscle? Feel like you are busting your butt with nothing to show for it? I sympathize with your frustrations. As a former hardgainer who thought he had tried everything, I can relate to disappointment that burdens you when the promise of massive muscle gain yields little to no results. I won’t guarantee that you will gain 10, 20, or even 30 pounds of muscle by applying the advice below… but I can guarantee that applying these 6 Muscle Building Tips with consistency will finally break your free from the hardgainer label once and for all, just as it did for me.


Can You Gain Weight from Coffee?

Can you gain weight from coffee?

A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de...

What a peculiar question I thought.   Who would gain weight by simply drinking a cup of coffee?  Then I realized that maybe it’s not common knowledge about what types of coffee people are referring to or in particular, how that coffee is prepared.

Can You Gain Weight from Coffee IF:

… you drink straight black coffee (caffeinated or decaffeinated) without anything added?  The answer is NO.  Like drinking water, straight black coffee without any additives of any sort, contains no calories and therefore you cannot gain weight.  You might over consume caffeine or too much water but any weight will be purely water and expelled thru natural processes.


Squats with Resistance Bands

If you’re stuck trying to get past a plateau and looking for alternative and unique methods to dig yourself out of a workout rut, you might want to keep reading.

With the explosion of the modern internet and growing number of experts giving you rehashed but slightly twisted fitness information, we’re all way past fitness overload.

Getting past a plateau can be a huge hurdle if you are trying to continually make some type of progress in your workouts.

This means that you should use every option at your disposal and be as efficient as possible in the gym in the time allotted.  Even more important, sticking to the basics with slight overload variations can get your past your sticking points without resorting to insane high intensity workouts or crazy exercises that are better suited for a circus performance.

One small note before we get started …


Poll: Why are kids fat?

Why are kids fat?

The other day I overheard two people at my gym talking about why they think kids today are fatter than 20 years ago.

I think it’s a bit more complicated than pointing to more access to a soda.  But what do you think?

Why are kids fat?


Pan Fry Salmon Like a 5 Star Chef

Pan Fry Salmon – Walnut Crusted Salmon from the best bodybuilding cookbook around, Anabolic Cooking.

Pan Fry Salmon from Metabolic Cooking

It’s late on a Friday night and I suddenly get “volunteered” to make dinner.  I’m an honest person and truth be told …

  • I’m not a chef
  • I don’t like to cook
  • I eat because I need fuel
  • I’ve never ever attempted to pan fry salmon

I look around the kitchen and without an idea, I think to myself…


Restrained Eating vs Calorie Restriction

It’s time for some NoBull Q&A…. questions come from Mike.  If you have question and you can’t find the answer, check out the FAQ.


My girlfriend is doing Weight Watchers and she says my diet is to restrictive.  She likes Weight Watchers because it is based on points,  She feels this allows her more freedom of choice.  I am trying to create a livable way of eating forever.


Hate to break the news Mike but … She’s right!  (sort of)


K-E Diet: Feeding Tubes for Weight Loss

K-E Diet anyone? Weight loss using a feeding tube thru your nose? Any takers?

K-E Diets: Using a Feeding Tube to Lose Weight

A new era of dieting is upon us as reported by ABC (and picked up by 900 fitness blogs already) called the K-E Diet.  Previously the HGC Diet put the fitness world into an uproar because it preached 500 calories a day and sometimes using an injection of a “pregnancy hormone.”

Lead it to innovative architects of modern wizardry to bring us a new and soon to be controversial diet called the K-E Diet.  Although this diet has been around in Europe for years and recently is making headlines in the United States.


9 Diet Tips To Lose Weight

This is a guest post by a popular health blogger who likes to discuss subjects of fitness, health care.

A good diet plan can be the main route to a slim and good looking figure. Just by eating the right foods, one can lose weight and live healthy. Here are some tips:


The Great Vibram FiveFingers Hoax: Justice for a Price?

Wife's Vibram FiveFingers

Vibram FiveFingers (Photo credit: choonMing)

Have you wondered if barefoot running was more beneficial than running in traditional footwear?  The photo above is of Vibram’s FiveFinger minimalist running shoes.  They claims to offer up all the benefits of barefoot running but with protection and some support.

Barefoot running became a craze and Vibram quickly jumped on it with their minimalist running shoes.


Welcome to Fitness Devolution

Dr Oz and Oprah

As a reader of this blog, it’s really important you understand all the aspects to your health and where you can get solid information to make informed consumer choices.  If you don’t, it’s all too easy to get caught up in big names, promoting cures and fixes that simply have no basis of proof.  This “fitness” industry is littered with fraud.  As much if not more than the banking and financial industry.  But the difference is… there’s not much media an news and no congressional hearings.

You get screwed, they get rich… life moves on.

Oprah and Her Influence on the Nation’s Health