I’m Fat – You’re Fat – We’re Fat – No I’m Not

Seriously several times a day my mind convinces me that I’m a bit chubby, to a bit leaner today, to convincing me I need to go low calorie or low carb for a few too if I want to get serious in the gym, I need to be in a surplus.

Somebody once said, “listen to your body.”  I agree, you should.  But for the love of life…

IGNORE your mind!

It’s psychotic at times and there’s 15 different personalities in there all trying to sabotage your goals.

Have a Clearly Defined Plan in Writing

The best thing you can do is have a plan and stick to it.  This almost eliminates that noise that goes thru our brains every day telling us to do something else.  If you have a plan and it’s written down, it’s a million times easier to focus than allowing your mind to wander and your hands to pinch around your midsection.  Next thing you know, you’re mind has convince your body you are indeed to fat and you start cutting.


Fake it Till You Make it

Skinny Male Sees Himself Muscular

At some point you’ve head the phase, “fake it till you make it.”  This could be in regards to almost anything.  I’ve heard it in the context of becoming a better author.  Maybe you’ve heard it regarding public speaking.

But maybe you’ve not heard it in relation to bodybuilding and building the body of your dreams.

Most people I talk to seem to think they need the ..


I Love Bodybuilding Because You Get What You Put In

I Love Bodybuilding

It occurred to me while driving that not many things in life are free and certainly without somebody taking a piece of your effort.  Take for example…

  • Wages
  • Financial Income
  • Bonus Checks
  • Licenses
  • Purchases
  • and so much more

All these things can be taxed.  While this isn’t a fair comparison (the cost of living in society is not the same as personal accomplishments), it’s the number one reason why I love bodybuilding.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment that cannot otherwise be diminished.

I Love Bodybuilding Because You Get What You Put In

If I workout 100%, I get 100% of the gains.  Nobody can take that away.  If I workout 110% (a bit of overtime on the calves) I get that bonus and nobody can take that away.  It’s the only sport I’m intimately familiar with that cannot be touched by political correctness (no matter how you spin it, no two people will ever be equal).

You cannot change it from a privilege to a right thru any means.  For example…


Bodybuilding Podcasts – You’re Mind & Ears Will Thank You Later

Bodybuilding Podcast

When I first started my bodybuilding podcast back in 2005, I was thrilled with the success of my initial podcasting efforts as nobody in fitness was doing it.  Being quite technical, I excelled at it and lots of people flocked to it because I was almost first to market.

I’ve done over 250 “shows” mostly by myself and a few superstar guests like Tom Venuto and Hugo Rivera to name a few.

It’s been great and I plan to continue at my snail’s like pace by myself because that’s how I roll.  Although I do need to start my bodybuilding podcast up real soon as the noise out there is getting too loud to ignore.

But these bodybuilding podcast shows are worth adding to your favorite player and taking the time to listen whenever you have time.


Carb Backloading Results

I think I got a few raised eyebrows when I quietly announced I was going to try Carb Backloading.  There was a little bit of a shock factor.  Here are my carb backloading results.

There’s something so glamorous about swimming upstream contrary to the popular opinion and there is perhaps something unglamorous to being moderate or preaching the current theme of the decade.

But I sure am having fun with it!  So I figured I’d document and post my carb backloading results including a photo, blood work and body composition using the hydrostatic method.

A wise man once said “Results speak for themselves.

This should compliment my previous carb backloading review which goes into the details of the program.

What kind of results can you expect from carb backloading?

My Carb Backloading Results

carb backloading results


How to Create a Successful Supplement Company

While there are many ways to get rich (I know of seven), there’s fewer to creating a truly successful supplement company from the ground up.  With all the laws governing the creating and sale of supplements, the previous entrepreneur path of making a product in your garage and selling it are long gone.  By the way…

While it’s true you might make something in your garage today, your distribution methods are limited and it’s not a free for all (Wild West) like it once might have been.  There will always been law breakers, cons and cheats but regulation is much better today than a decade ago.  As a result…

There are ONLY three ways to create a successful supplement company:


The Right Way to Do Dumbbell Squats

I think when his trainer said dumbbell squats, maybe they meant hold the weights not stand on them?

How do people come up with this stuff?

Squats Gone Wrong

Shattered ankle in t-minus 5….4….3…

While on Facebook, this image came across my timeline.  I knew immediately this wasn’t some joke or staged exercise.  It was another “functional fitness” believer preaching the virtues of doing stability work.

Before I go on … Stability work is important!

What I do not agree with is the manner in which it is being done.  The image above clearly being one of those.


Carb Backloading FAQ

Marc’s Carb Backloading FAQ for those who still seeking answers.
carb backloading faq

With every bodybuilding program that hits the market, over time people have a slew of questions that the book or forums might not answer.  While the carb backloading pdf is filled with science references and a complete table of contents, the one thing missing is organization.

While this is such a simple protocol to follow, there’s hidden gems in single sentences strewn throughout the book.  You will have to re-read it several times to catch these eye-opening observations.

This carb backloading FAQ is an attempt to answer some of your questions that might be found in the manual or just thru my own 4 month usage of the protocol.


Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight?

Does Alcohol Make You Gain Weight

Does alcohol make you gain weight?!

Does alcohol make you gain weight?” is a common question I get in my Inbox at least once a month   They are probably referring the common imagery of the classic beer belly.

Or as my friend up North asks, “can drinkin alcohol stop you from building mucsle?”

It’s long been a myth that alcohol alone can make you gain weight.  While searching for the answer to this post (doing a little market research) I found the Top 10 results all explaining that drinking alcohol can lead to weight gain.  But none of them mentioned the differences between pure alcohol and a mixed drink or beer.  They lumped the answer into a single “Yes” which if you keep reading, you’ll understand is not correct.


Where’s the Beef?

horse burger

What’s in your burger?

That’s a good question!  If your meat comes from the third biggest seller of meat, United Kingdom based Tesco, it might contain some horse meat.  And not traces!

In an effort to revive consumer faith, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland revealed 37% of its hamburger meat contains horse DNA in the Everyday Value line of the company’s products.

Burger King revealed that it employs the same beef supplier.

Let’s not even debate if horse meat is good for you or on the same par as cow.  I think it’s a matter of trust.  When I order a burger I expect it to be from a cow.  I think most people who eat meat from this supplier expect the same.

Tesco has a horsemeat problem

Be Fit, Stay Strong!

Marc David – CPT