Introducing The NoBull Bodybuilding Points System

Thanks to a suggestion from a friend who pointed out rewards system.  I told him I wanted to reward my readers in some fashion but  giveaways or emails just wouldn’t do.  I’ve been at a loss for some time when he suggested I try PunchTab.

As you can see, there’s  a rewards tab on the right top side of the blog.  When you click it and logon via Facebook, you can see the prize catalog and the awards I’ve created for readers of this blog.

Start Earning Points Today

Earing point is simple:

  • You get points for every day you come back
  • You get points when you share out the posts (look for the red ribbons on the social sharing buttons)
  • You get points if you invite a friend to see what this blog is all about
  • You get more points if they take you up on the offer and join in the fun
  • Like this blog on Facebook
  • Tweet about the blog (change the tweet to your liking)

I think I’ve added some decent awards and I’d be welcome to include more stuff if you have suggestions.  When you reach a redemption value, you can cash in your points for something out of the catalog.  Like the blog on Facebook and Follow me on Twitter is an easy way to generate points.

Should I award points for commenting on the blog?

The Dashboard

The Point Leaders

The Rewards Catalog

Should I award points for commenting on the blog?  You tell me.

Be Fit, Stay Strong!

Marc David – CPT

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