Bodybuilding Podcasts – You’re Mind & Ears Will Thank You Later

When I first started my bodybuilding podcast back in 2005, I was thrilled with the success of my initial podcasting efforts as nobody in fitness was doing it.  Being quite technical, I excelled at it and lots of people flocked to it because I was almost first to market.

I’ve done over 250 “shows” mostly by myself and a few superstar guests like Tom Venuto and Hugo Rivera to name a few.

It’s been great and I plan to continue at my snail’s like pace by myself because that’s how I roll.  Although I do need to start my bodybuilding podcast up real soon as the noise out there is getting too loud to ignore.

But these bodybuilding podcast shows are worth adding to your favorite player and taking the time to listen whenever you have time.

Bodybuilding Podcast:

BioJacked Radio

A controversial bodybuilding podcast by John Keifer.  It’s some really cool cutting edge stuff with lots of guests and science to boot.  Keifer does a lot of guest shows so you’ll get a nice two-way conversation.  He’s invested a lot of money into the proper equipment.  You will hear high quality audio and none of that “sound like talking thru a tin can” stuff you get with most other novices.

It’s nearly impossible to find the links to the show unless you are good at searching iTunes or Soundcloud.  There should be a huge link on his page but the guy is a scientist and a crappy web designer.  Luckily you have me who found the link and am publishing it here.

That being said, he’s really informative and fun to listen to and I wish he did more shows on a more frequent basis.  His information is solid and controversial.  He’s the author of Carb Backloading which I used successfully to pack on 10.55 lbs of muscle.  He’s also the reason I’m postponing breakfast for a few hours.

You want to listen to what he’s got to say.  It’s at the very least, a really good conversation to eavesdrop on while you are in the car.

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Muscle College

Dr. Layne Norton and Dr. Jake Wilson are your hosts for this bodybuilding podcast show (real PhD doctors, not actors).  With only 3 total episodes and 50,000 iTunes subscribes, you know it’s Team Norton fans who would listen to Layne if he talked about knitting and his kids first coloring book.

Ever wondered what it would be like to listen to two super smart nerds, under the age of 35 who know a lot about bodybuilding and science? This is your show.

When I first fired it up, I almost fell asleep at the wheel.  These guys have no synergy.  The constant manlove for Ben Pakulski (IFBB bodybuilder) was annoying as I couldn’t give two cents about some muscle-bound monkey turned philosophical guru.

However, the information is why you subscribe right?  Muscle College isn’t TMZ.  It’s not 90 minutes of bullshit.  If you wanted fluff, hot women and people who sound amazing on the radio but talk about nothing, you can find about 10,000 other fitness shows on iTunes that are worthless.

Maybe I am a bit harsh here (jealous they have 50,000 subscribers and only 3 episodes) but the fact is, they dish out some very valuable information.  You can quickly skip over the podcast ads (why anybody would pay to advertise when we all skip ads is beyond me) and get to the good stuff.

I do like me some Muscle College to go with my Muscle Milk.

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That wraps up this post and I sincerely hope you take the time to check out the podcasts I’ve mentioned.  I found them quite useful and I have no doubt you will too.  It’s more than how to do a bench press or some lame twist on the good old push-up.  It truly is some great information by highly qualified people dispensing it.

Be Fit, Stay Strong!

Marc David – CPT

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  1. Ryan:
    March 17, 2013 11:14 pm

    I’ve heard about kiefer through some co-workers. I’ve seen him a few times workout at the gym. I heard about carb nite and carb backloading, wasn’t really interested in a fad diet at the time. But I’m robb wolf fan, and he “endorsed” him on his show. Didn’t realize he kiefer had some pretty solid credentials. A true scientist. Since then I’ve been following biojacked radio. Really good stuff. My favorite one is the one with John Goodman on social media.

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