5 Food Ingredients You Should Remove From Your Diet for Better Health

This is a guest post by Kari Farmer of Manifest Connection

Every day most of us consume some food that has no benefit to us at all. Some of these food items are well known to be bad for us, like fried or processed food, but some other food is still being promoted as a healthier option for us – or at least not a bad option!

The truth is there are a lot of bad foods that we eat every single day in our diet. If you were to eliminate these food items from your diet for just one week, you would notice a big difference in your health.

Top 5 Things to Remove From Your Diet

1. Sugar

Sugar is the number one thing to remove from your diet, so if you don’t read any further then at least soak up this information.

Sugar provides empty calories – meaning you are not receiving any nutrition from the sugar. In fact, sugar is actually an anti-nutrient. This means that sugar interferes with actual nutrients being absorbed into the body which means it’s even taking nutrients away from your body.

Also, because sugar in an anti-nutrient, it cause the body to take calcium out of the bones in order to keep the calcium level in the blood at a normal limit. Yikes!

2. White Flour

White flour used to be a favorite of mine. I thought it tasted great, but if you ever tried multigrain bread you will know that white bread actually taste quite plain. But besides the taste there is a reason to avoid white flour.

White flour is also an anti-nutrient. It has pretty much no nutrition in it. While the processing of creating white flour takes place – any nutrition that was in there is pretty much lost, including fiber.

Fiber is essential to help us remove waste from our bodies in a quick and efficient manner, and when we are filling ourselves up with white flour products we are smashing a lot of food into our bodies without the fiber needed to remove it.

With so many other options like barley, spelt, brown rice, and kamut out there you don’t ever need to eat white pasta or bread again.

3. Processed Oils

Oils that are processed are heated at a very high heat. Because of this heating process the oils molecules change into a toxic Trans fat. The shape of Trans fats do not structure cell membranes properly which means that the improperly shaped structures build a cell with holes in it!

Trans fats are found in tons of oils at your local supermarket and chances are you eat them every day. Sunflower, canola, and corn oil are just a few of the oils you will find with trans-fats. Chips, fried foods, and salad dressings are other culprits of this dangerous fat.

4. Coffee

Coffee is supposed to wake us up in the morning, but it actually does the opposite. Just like sugar it steals calcium from our body. And it also contributes to a diet high in acidity. Because it can make us feel worse by throwing our bodies off balance, a morning without coffee actually may make us feel better.

5. Milk

What? Milk! But it’s advertised on TV daily as a product that keeps our bodies growing and healthy. It’s full of calcium that our bodies need! Oh how I wish that were true.

We are not meant to drink cow’s milk. It’s meant for calves to drink, not us. It contains fats and proteins that we have a hard time digesting. As we age we start to have an even harder time digesting lactose.

The calcium in milk does not actually give us the benefit that we are led to believe. Calcium absorption in our bodies is actually hindered by the low level of magnesium (which we need in order to make use of the calcium) and the phosphorus in the milk also prevents the absorption.

One more thing – If you find yourself stuffed up lots then try eliminating milk and milk products from your diet. Many people are allergic to milk and are not aware of it.

So there you have it! 5 foods that you should remove from your diet for optimum health. Sugar, white flour, processed oils, coffee and milk are not doing you any favors. Remove them from your diet and give your body some food it really needs!

Kari Farmer, owns Manifest Connection, a blog that focuses on the personal growth of the soul, mind, and body – with topics like how to be happy.

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