Glutamine and Creatine are Steroids


According to Google…

.. as they have recently banned advertising of substances they classify as “Anabolic Steroids.”  Thus things like Glutamine and Cellmass are now banned using Adwords.

Here is the link to the Google policy page, look under the Anabolic Steroid section.

Adwords Policy Center

Taken from Google forum….

“The Google ban on bodybuilding supplements is 100% real. I see the skepticism in some of your remarks and can’t blame you. Its sounds too outrageous to be true, but it is. There is no plausible explanation, but the unmistaken truth is that Google has begun its attack on our supplements. Under its Anabolic Steroid Policy, Google has now included, “L-Glutamine”, “CellMass”, “muscle enhancing stacks” and “any bodybuilding supplement that has a similar effect to steroids” in its list of banned steroids. Glutamine is now listed as an anabolic steroid right next to Dianabol and Clenbuterol.

I have spent months researching this and if you give me just a few moments, I will go through it detail and prove it to you. I’ll show what’s banned now and what’s going to be banned in the near future. Believe me, this is scary and not something any of us should dismiss lightly.

First, let me explain what the ban is. It’s listed on Google’s policy page as “Anabolic Steroid Policy” The ban so far only applies to Google paid advertising, known as Google Adwords or pay-per-click. Those are the sponsored ads that show up on the right border of the Google search page, and a few that sometimes show up on the top of the page. The ban is not yet on Google Shopping Results or generic searches. Those of you who did the glutamine search earlier; saw the free shopping results at the top of the page, but not the paid advertising, those are now gone. was the last and they were banned this past Friday.

Try this test and see for yourself. Search the term “ribose”. You will see the right side of the page filled with ribose ads. You will also see a row of ribose images on the top which is the shopping results. Now try the same search for “glutamine” or “CellMass”. You will see that the right border has absolutely no ads showing. Only the shopping results are shown. This is because Google has banned these 2 products from all paid advertising. (You might see 1 ad that slipped through, but it will be pulled within 24 hours).

Google is not hiding the fact that they have banned glutamine, CellMass or the others. You can easily find this yourself on the Google Anabolic Steroid page. I can’t post the link so go to Google and search the following term: “google anabolic steroid policy”.  The 1st result is the one you want “Health care and medicines”. Click on it and read it right off of Google’s site. The second link on this search is “Anabolic Steriod Warnings – AdWords Help”, this is a link to Google’s forum where again you can read it for yourself.

Now that you’ve done the research you have seen that this ban is real. But why care, it’s only a couple of products and it’s only on paid search? Because Google has already started to expand the list of banned products and now it includes nitric oxide and arginine. Although they are just staring to police these 2 products, you will see them disappear within the next few months. On Google’s forum they define anabolic steroids as follows “products that can facilitate increased muscle mass growth, and gains in muscular strength.”

Are you starting to get scared yet? Google plans on banning more products each month based on this definition. If Google is banning our supplements from Adwords, than expanding that ban to Shopping Results and eventually generic search is a foregone conclusion.”

Thank you to Mark Glazier, President & CEO of Inc for the information.

- marc david

PS - With the word’s largest online database of information… even Google’s Policy team is clueless about Supplements.

PPS – Do your own research… How to Evaluate Any Supplement

2 Responses to "Glutamine and Creatine are Steroids"

  1. Anonymous:
    September 09, 2011 12:55 am

    I really don’t get why these are being listed as banned supplements. People have been using these for decades and there have been no known side effects. While I will agree the steroids are unacceptable, I don’t think that these two restricted terms should be included in this list of banned keywords. 

    Is this a permanent ban or is it one that they are going to take under review?

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  2. David:
    September 25, 2011 02:47 am

    How is l-glutamine considered a steroid??

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