Which training program should you choose?


I just recently purchased your e-book “The Beginner?s Guide to Fitness and Bodybuilding” a couple of weeks ago and finished reading the whole book in under two hours. Never before have I read a book that takes you step-by-step through the whole bodybuilding process ? you answered every question that I possibly could have had on how to get started with bodybuilding, thank you.

When choosing a training program, which of the two programs would you recommend to a beginner?

1. The “Muscle Nerd?s” Optimum Anabolic Program or

Thank you for your time.



First off, thanks for the compliments Ron. You must be a speed reader to go thru 250 pages in 2 hours. But I didn’t answer one question and that’s what program do I recommend as a beginner.


Let me explain what I mean.

Max-OT was written by AST (a supplement company) and it was the first program I successfully used that was very hard, very easy to follow and kept me from overtraining. I spent less time in the gym and made more gains in a month then I ever did in years. I have no regrets about doing that program and it gets 5 stars from me.

Optimum Anabolics was a program that I tried successfully for 2 cycles and while on it, I gained 11 lbs of muscle.
Using the nutrition I outlined in my book and this particular training program, I made gains that I didn’t think were possible. It gets 5 stars from me as well.

But both of these program were very advanced and I would not recommend them to a beginner who was just starting out.

There’s two reasons for that:

1) No beginner truly knows at that stage their limitations and what heavy really means. It takes about 6 months for the mind to muscle connection to be established to the point where you really can feel what’s going on. Where you know your body’s limits and how far you can push yourself.
No beginner can give 100% as they are a beginner and just starting out. It’s a mistake to push yourself too hard and risk injury in such an early stage.

2) It’s not safe to start out, and right out of the gate do a program that is going to require you to be an advanced athlete from the get go. Your nutrition might be set in your mind but it’s going to take at least 30 days for you to put it into action and to feel the full effects.

Just think about it: You need to do this right and you need to start off slow and correctly so that when you do these programs you can take full advantage of them and get optimal results.

I could go on and on…

So what do I recommend?

For a beginner you’ll find a couple of programs in the Beginner’s Guide that you can do right away. Once you have mastered those, then it is time to move on.

When you understand your body and it’s limitations, then you can look into Max-OT or Optimum Anabolics.

My strong hunch is..

You’ll end up doing both. Because as you should have learned by now, variety is the key. There’s no golden program. Max-OT isn’t better then… Optimum Anabolics is not the last program you’ll ever do.

My point is:

I don’t recommend either program for a beginner. I would highly recommend them for an intermediate or advanced athlete. After about 6 months and when your nutrition is peaked, then look at these programs. In fact do both. The results will be amazing! I did them both and I wouldn’t trade the experience.

Basic Training Program

Advanced Training Program

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