What makes a good cardio routine?



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I just recently encountered your podcast and have really found you advice helpful and encouraging! I wanted to inquire about the cardio based workout from your first podcast regarding abs. For 4-5 days a week, I spend about 20-25 mins on a treadmill and use a stair maching for another 25 mins. Do you happen to know if this is a good cardio regiment?

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In a nutshell, training in your heart rate zones is the most efficient and quickest way to any cardio type goal.

So if you are doing those 20-40 minutes in some type of zone, you’ll get the best benefits.

What I personally do is 2-3 days, just cruise at a Zone 2. Nothing fancy. But the other couple of days, I get myself into a HIIT routine and do 205-40 minutes of heart interval training.

That makes a very efficient cardio routine.

CardioCoach is something I talk about a lot only becuase it makes HIIT training very easy (because Sean tells you what zone to be in) and I have a heart rate monitor so it’s very easy to just look at my heart rate and get it into the right zones.

You will find a very detailed heart rate zone calculator on Sean’s CardioCoach website. So you’ll know what Zone 1-4 really means to you.

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